Secure your move to Germany

Save up to €249 in your first year*

Get your essential blocked account, health insurance, and more with the Expatrio Value Package.



Blocked Account

Simple account opening in just a few minutes

  • Accepted by all German authorities worldwide
  • Blocked account in your name with German IBAN
  • Low fees, €49 (set-up) and €5 (monthly)
  • Fast and easy set-up from home country
  • High security standards with mobile App

Value Package

Save up to €249 with the Expatrio Value Package*

  • Blocked account with German IBAN
  • Only €5 per month (€49 cashback on initial set-up fees)1
  • Up to €90 cashback and customizable health insurance with TK-Flex2
  • Free incoming/travel health insurance worth up to €953
  • Instant blocked amount confirmation once funds are received

Additional free benefits:

  • Free International Student ID Card (ISIC) worth up to €15*
  • Free choice of current accounts
  • Free eBooks and resources for life and studies in Germany

Health Insurance

Health insurance for your visa and stay in Germany

  • Free incoming/travel health insurance worth up to €953
  • Best public German health insurance4
  • Award-winning private health insurance5
  • Extensive coverage incl. vaccinations
  • Doctor appointment service & live chat




Our blocked account (Sperrkonto) is accepted by all German authorities worldwide and is a visa requirement allowing you to prove sufficient financial resources for your stay in Germany. Benefit from digital and fast account opening with low fees. Enjoy peace of mind with our money-back guarantee in case of visa rejection.

Blocked Account Germany
Blocked Account and Health Insurance Germany Value Package


Our all-inclusive offer for an easy start in Germany - open your German Blocked Account and receive the necessary health insurance coverage for your visa and studies in Germany. Save time and money- get cashback of €491 on your blocked account set-up fees, plus up to €90 TK-Flex cashback2 . Get other free benefits, like a free current bank account and ISIC card.*


Our Health Insurance Plus package offers you personalized healthcare coverage. Receive free travel health3 insurance for your German visa, tailored health insurance coverage for your stay in Germany, plus extra benefits. We connect you to the best4 health insurance providers in Germany.

Health Insurance in Germany


All you need to move to Germany is just one click away!


What is Expatrio?

Expatrio is a relocation platform for international students and expatriates wishing to live in Germany. Our digital solution enables you to open a blocked account and get health insurance. Those two German visa essentials can be easily secured while you are still in your home country.

How does Expatrio service work?

Expatrio is a fully digital service. If you want to order any of the products offered (Blocked Account, Value Package, Health Insurances) you just need to open our website, choose the product you are interested in, go through the questionnaire to help us tailor the service to your needs, and fill in the application form.

What is Expatrio Blocked Account?

Blocked account (Sperrkonto) is a German visa requirement for internationals coming from outside the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA). The blocked account serves to prove that the applicants have adequate financial resources to live in Germany during their stay. Expatrio offers you the opportunity to open a blocked account that is accepted by all German authorities worldwide.

What is Expatrio Health Insurance Plus?

Health Insurance Plus is a special package offered by Expatrio, which combines several insurances (Private or Public Health Insurance, Incoming Insurance and free benefits). This product offers you essential coverage with the best providers.

What is Expatrio Value Package?

The Expatrio Value Package is an all-inclusive offer for university and language students coming to study in Germany. The Value Package includes a blocked account and health insurance (necessary for visa application) as well as a current bank account, travel health insurance, and other free benefits like an International Student ID. By ordering this package, students save time and money.

Are Expatrio services trustworthy?

Expatrio is based in Germany's capital Berlin. Expatrio's banking partner for the blocked account is the fully-licensed Aion bank, which has a branch in Germany. For the Health Insurance, Expatrio works with Techniker Krankenkasse, one of the largest providers in Germany. Expatrio applies the highest security standards by running a mobile application for all its banking and insurance services.

Where is Expatrio located?

Expatrio is located in Berlin, Germany. Our exact address is Linienstraße, 156-157, 10115 Berlin. But being a fully digital service, you can always reach out to us online. You can also contact us via phone, should you desire to talk to one of our Customer Service managers.

Who are the partners of Expatrio?

The list of the partners Expatrio has is constantly growing and can boast names like Techniker Krankenkasse, DR-WALTER, Cohort Go, AION, Monese, ELEMENT, Junior Chamber International and more.

Why should I use Expatrio?

Expatrio supports international students to easily relocate to Germany by offering a Blocked Account and the essential Health Insurance coverage for visa application and stay in Germany. You can secure everything online and without any knowledge of German. You are also able to get all your documents accepted by all German authorities worldwide in a few days.

Who can use Expatrio services?

Expatrio services are designed to help people who are planning their relocation to Germany. No matter whether you are an university student, language school student, intern, job seeker, au-pair or tourist, Expatrio will help you overcome the German bureaucracy and prepare the documents required for your visa application.

[*] Up to €249 savings consists of: €49 cashback on blocked account set-up fees + up to €90 TK-Flex cashback + free travel health insurance worth up to €95 + free ISIC card worth up to €15. This offer is only valid for customers who apply for the Value Package. Expatrio reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any point in time. Special terms and conditions apply.

[1] Value Package customers can receive their €49 cashback after activating both their blocked account and health insurance.

[2] TK-Flex is an elective tariff and only available for eligible TK health insurance customers. Once the TK membership is activated, TK-Flex can commence. Expatrio will provide the customer with detailed guidelines on how to do this. Within TK-Flex, users have the option to deselect/opt out of services they do not need. In return, there is a cashback bonus of up to €90 per year. However, if the services are needed after all, TK customers can reactivate their health insurance coverage by paying a deductible of €24 per service (up to €120) per year. Please refer to our TK-Flex page for more information. 

[3]  Free Incoming/ Travel Health Insurance coverage for up to 92 days as part of the Value Package for eligible customers worth up to € 95.00.

[4] In the issue 07/2023, Focus-Money business magazine awarded TK “Best Student Health Insurance Fund”.

[5] DR-WALTER has been awarded the Super Star Award by the Study Travel Magazine