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Interntaional Student Identity Card (ISIC)

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International Money Transfer to Germany

You might be wondering what is the best way to transfer a large amount of money to Germany, especially to your Blocked Account with minimized fees and maximized speed. Expatrio..

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Driving licence in Germany for foreigners

Have you ever wondered how to get a German driver's license at a certified driving school?

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Radio Tax

Everyone living in Germany must pay the Rundfunkbeitrag if you live in your own flat or in a dormitory unit. ⁉️ Wait, I have to pay a fee even if I don't use a TV and radio? Yes,..

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Current Bank Account

Current bank account for international students in Germany

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German Tax System

Before you move to Germany, it’s good to be familiar with the taxation system – this will be of utmost importance to those who will be working in the country. In Germany, the main..

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