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About Expatrio

We are building the best solution for international students in Germany.

With our diverse team of experts, we have built a holistic platform that supports you in every step of your journey to Germany, from learning about the country and finding a study program to getting your visa and living here.

Our team is driven by the experience of having lived abroad and having relocated to Germany. We want to simplify your journey by aggregating all needed products and services in one solution, thereby reducing bureaucracy and paperwork.

Supporting over 10,000 international students in Germany every year.

Our Purpose

Changes mark every new chapter of one's life, and something so significant such as living in a new country, brings a lot of these changes - and growth! 

Therefore, we have made it our mission to support your next chapter and development in Germany by embracing change and applying our experience as well as innovative approaches.

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Our Vision

At Expatrio, we want to build the best solution for international students in Germany.

Don’t worry if you are not a student, though. As we want to support as many people as possible, you can also use certain products and services unrelated to receiving an education in Germany.

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Our Core Values


  • DIVERSITY: We celebrate diversity.
  • IMPACT: We create a positive future.
  • PRAGMATISM: We keep it simple.
  • TEAMWORK: We grow together.
  • INTEGRITY: We practice what we preach.

Our Leadership Team

Meet our driven Leadership Team at Expatrio, guiding the expat journey forward.

Alex Ruthemeier Expatrio Co-Founder & non-executive Director. Founder of DeGiS - Deutsche Gesellschaft internationale Studierende gGmbH.

Alex Ruthemeier

Dominic Otto Expatrio Co-Founder

Dominic Otto

Tim Meyer Expatrio Co-Founder

Tim Meyer

Tobias Fishcer

Tobias Fischer

Lara Chief of staff

Lara Bischof

Vanessa Janina Lityński

Vanessa Janina Lityński

Dzmitry Chief Technology Officer

Dzmitry Kalachou

Katarzyna Marta Malolepszy

Katarzyna Marta Malolepszy

Gabriella Customer Service

Gabriella Farkas

More about our team

Join our international team 😊

We're a growing startup passionate about supporting internationals to relocate to Germany successfully. With people from 20 nationalities, our team deeply understands how it is like to move to a new country, and it's ready to support you. 

We offer internationals from all across the globe a tailored experience, and we're super proud to be building the best solution for coming to and living in Germany.

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Do you want to join Expatrio team?

Check out our open job positions.

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Our Story

Platform launch
Customers after 1 year
Foundation of non-profit DEGIS
Team members in 2021
Study Finder launch

Motivated by having lived abroad, worked with internationals in Germany, and built digital products before, Alex Ruthemeier, Dominic Otto, and Tim Meyer founded Expatrio in 2017. The idea was to ease the relocation process to Germany by reducing bureaucracy and aggregating the needed services in one digital platform. After we started offering blocked bank accounts and health insurance in 2018, we have gradually expanded our offers. Currently, we're on a mission to provide a holistic solution for relocating to and living in Germany as an international student. Since 2019, we have been further supporting international students in Germany with our non-profit organization, DEGIS.

Our Headquarter

Our office is located in the international and vibrant heart of Berlin Mitte:

📍 Linienstraße 156-157 | 10115 Berlin

Besides, we have a satellite office in Asia, in Singapore, and partners in several countries.

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