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Find ebooks, reports, checklists, and many more resources to help you with your life in Germany.


Guide to Studying in Germany

Germany is now one of the most popular non-English speaking study destinations for international students. Making the decision to study abroad can be overwhelming but we've gathered everything you need to know in this comprehensive guide.


Want to study in Germany for free?

This ebook gives you an overview of studying in different German federal states and their tuition-free studies regulations, the general costs of living, as well as tips on saving money as a student in Germany!


German Visa Checklist for Your Nationality

Don't panic! We know that applying for a German visa can be stressful. Download our complete checklist for your nationality so you can be prepared in advance.


How to write a Letter of Motivation?

Don't treat a motivational letter as just another cover letter. It needs to be tailored to the requirements of your course and university. So, learn with our free sample and be sure to stand out from the sea of applicants!


Free CV templates

The very first step in creating your CV is understanding what sections to include. If you don't have the time, simply use our CV templates and edit the content!


What do you need to do in your first few weeks in Germany?

Are you about to embark on an adventure in Germany, be it for studies, an internship abroad, or a complete relocation? This guide gives you a detailed insight into moving to Germany and prevents you from having any missteps in your first few weeks.


The Ultimate Studying in Germany Resources

Germany offers a high-quality education that is recognized around the world. Living and studying in Germany allows students to experience a truly unique culture. If you are thinking about studying in Germany, we’ve compiled a few essential resources in one place to help you with your research.