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Your all-inclusive package for an easy start in Germany

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Moving to Germany?  Our Value Package takes the stress out of your visa preparation and is designed to make your life easier

What exactly does Expatrio's Value package include?

  • Enjoy savings of up to €249 including €49 cashback*
  • Open a blocked account (accepted by German authorities worldwide)
  • Secure your health insurance bundle
  • Plus other free perks 

Expatrio's Value Package is tailored to your needs.

Secure your German visa, get €49 cashback on your blocked account1 and free travel health insurance3 and up to €90 every year2 for three years with TK-Flex.


Blocked Account

Fast and secure blocked account for your German visa

The blocked account (Sperrkonto) is a special type of bank account that allows you to prove sufficient financial resources for your German visa or residence permit. 

At Expatrio, you can quickly open your blocked account entirely online in just a few minutes. Expatrio's Blocked Account is accepted by all German authorities to secure your German visa. With Expatrio's Blocked Account, you can:

  • Enjoy €49 cashback1
  • Benefit from a simple and fast service
  • Transfer your funds in your local currency
Blocked Account in Germany

Health Insurance bundle

Personalized health insurance coverage

Expatrio’s Health Insurance bundle covers you before and during your journey to Germany. The free incoming insurance (also known as travel health insurance)3 provides you with the necessary coverage for your German visa application. And for the start of your new chapter in Germany, you will need either private or public health insurance, depending on your individual situation.

Our Value Package includes the coverage necessary for your stay in Germany and connects you to the best providers in the market while also providing you with instant confirmation.

Health Insurance in Germany

Want extra perks?

Secure your relocation-to-Germany bundle, save money with our Є49 cashback, and benefit from free benefits with Expatrio’s Value Package.


How to get your Value Package:


Fill in our form to open your blocked account and secure your health insurance coverage.

Transfer funds

Once your blocked account is open, you can transfer your funds to it.

Receive confirmation

Download your blocked account and health insurance confirmations for your visa appointment.

Open current account

Secure your current bank account to receive the monthly payouts from your Blocked Account.

Activate your products

Activate your blocked account and public health insurance to start your journey in Germany.

Get cashback

Once you’ve activated your blocked account and health insurance, you can request your Є49 cashback via your Expatrio account.

Best Value

Value Package

Your all-inclusive package for an easy start in Germany
Save up to €249*. Free benefits. Save time & money.
  • German blocked account for only €5 per month (€49 cashback on set up fees).1
  • Up to 90 cashback every year for three years with TK-Flex.2
  • Free travel health insurance for your visa worth up to €953. Accepted worldwide.
  • Germany’s best public health insurance with English-speaking service and bonus program.4
  • Awarded private health insurance with extensive coverage.5
  • Free ISIC access to worldwide discounts (worth up to €15).*
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How our customers feel about our service

Our Value Package is our recommended offer for anyone moving to Germany! 

Our Value Package includes a blocked account, free travel health insurance3 for your German visa, and health insurance for your stay in Germany. Get perks like €49 cashback1 on blocked account fees, a free current bank account and up to €90 cashback2 from TK-Flex every year.

Check out our video for all the details about our Value Package, including the most frequently asked questions.

Expatrio’s Value Package is brought to you by strong partners

At Expatrio, we only work with trusted partners who share our passion for supporting internationals relocating to Germany. Apart from our Blocked Account partners, AION and Cohort Go, the health insurance providers Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) and DR-WALTER help us provide you with all you need for an easy start in Germany.

TK best health insurance fund for international studentsThe renowned Focus-Money magazine has awarded Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) as the best German statutory health insurance fund (Public Health Insurance) 16 times in a row (07/23) and as the best health insurance fund for students (07/23)4. DR-WALTER has been awarded as a Star Insurance provider 5.


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Relocating can be easy! Check our Value Package with Blocked Account, Health Insurance, and other benefits.



What is the Value Package?

Value Package is a special offer tailored by Expatrio’s experts for students that are coming to Germany. The package includes all the services which are needed for a student to get a visa and then come to Germany prepared. Apart from being a holistic offer that takes a lot of burden off the students' shoulders, the Value Package is also extremely cost-efficient.

What are the benefits of the Value Package?

Firstly, the Value Package allows you to order everything within only one application. The information you provide once is automatically transferred to all the products that you get. Secondly, by ordering the Value Package, you can save up to 249euro*. See terms and conditions for more.

What products are included in the Value Package?

The Expatrio Value Package includes your blocked account, current account (optional), public health insurance (Techniker Krankenkasse) or private health insurance (DR-WALTER), travel health insurance (also known as incoming insurance) (DR-WALTER), and your International Student Identity Card (ISIC).*

How much does Expatrio’s Value Package cost?

The Expatrio Value Package itself is completely free, but the products within it often have costs.

We have put together a package entirely tailored to the needs of our users coming to Germany. The products might have a fee, but they are often discounted. You can find more information on what each product costs on our Help Centre.

Please keep in mind that monthly health insurance premiums are tailored individually and will be calculated and shown according to the information provided during the application on our website.

How much does each product in the Expatrio’s Value Package cost?

When purchased separately the prices of each item in the Value Package are the following:
• Blocked Account - €49 set up fee and €5 monthly fee (when you activate your health insurance, you will receive €49 cashback*)
• Current Account - €0- €10 monthly (depending on provider and package)
• Incoming insurance/Travel health insurance - €33 monthly
• Health Insurance - around €100 monthly for university students (depending on personal profile)
• ISIC card - €15 per year

What is TK-Flex?

TK-Flex is an elective tariff that allows you to opt out of certain health insurance services as part of your TK health insurance coverage. In return, you receive cashback for every service you opt out of. You can choose to opt out of a maximum of five services out of seven. You can find more information on our TK-Flex page.

Why does Expatrio offer a Value Package?

Expatrio is a customer-oriented company that lives the values of its users and always strives to offer the best solutions tailored to the needs that arise. The Value Package is a perfect example of that. Understanding the needs and problems that students face while moving to Germany, Expatrio created a package which includes a set of services that help to address all the main issues arising during the relocation, while saving students’ money.


[*] Up to €249 savings consists of: €49 cashback on blocked account set-up fees + up to €90 TK-Flex cashback + free travel health insurance worth up to €95 + free ISIC card worth up to €15. This offer is only valid for customers who apply for the Value Package. Expatrio reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any point in time. Special terms and conditions apply.

[1] Value Package customers can receive their €49 cashback after activating both their blocked account and health insurance.

[2] TK-Flex is an elective tariff and only available for eligible TK health insurance customers. Once the TK membership is activated, TK-Flex can commence. Expatrio will provide the customer with detailed guidelines on how to do this. Within TK-Flex, users have the option to deselect/opt out of services they do not need. In return, there is a cashback bonus of up to €90 per year. However, if the services are needed after all, TK customers can reactivate their health insurance coverage by paying a deductible of €24 per service (up to €120) per year. Please refer to our TK-Flex page for more information. 

[3]  Free Incoming/ Travel Health Insurance coverage for up to 92 days as part of the Value Package for eligible customers worth up to € 95.00.

[4] In the issue 07/2023, Focus-Money business magazine awarded TK “Best Student Health Insurance Fund”.

[5] DR-WALTER has been awarded the Super Star Award by the Study Travel Magazine