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Personalized coverage for your visa and stay in Germany

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Overcome German bureaucracy with our help

Moving to Germany may come with a few challenges, such as the obligation to have health insurance. That is why we created a Heath Insurance bundle to provide you with the necessary coverage for both your visa application and your stay in Germany

Our free Incoming Insurance (also known as Travel Health Insurance) is accepted by all Foreigner's Authorities to secure your German visa. 

The type of coverage you need for your stay in Germany will depend on your profile. Our Health Insurance bundle ensures you the right type of protection with one of the best providers in the German market: Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), our Public Health Insurance provider, and DR-WALTER, our Incoming and Private Health Insurance Provider.


Benefit from instant confirmation and free perks

Expatrio's Health Insurance offers you free Incoming Insurance (also known as Travel Health Insurance) and instant confirmation

Just like we offer customers a fast way to secure their proof of sufficient funds for your German visa. We also offer a quick health insurance confirmation for free both on our Value Package and Health Insurance bundle.

Customers save money and benefit from our fully online and simple process. On your profile in the Expatrio User Portal, you have easy access to detailed information about your Health Insurance and other Expatrio services. 

Health insurance instant confirmation

Access the best providers in the German market

Securing your health insurance coverage when moving to Germany could be challenging. That is why we connect you to the best providers and insure you from day one on your journey to Germany.

  • Incoming and Private Health Insurance with DR-WALTER, awarded five times a Star Insurance provider.1
  • Public Health Insurance with Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), elected as 17 times in a row the best German public health insurance and the best health insurance fund for students.2
German health insurance with the best providers

Need a Blocked Account for your visa application?

Secure your Health Insurance bundle and Blocked account with Expatrio's Value Package.


Learn more about Health Insurance in Germany

Health Insurance is mandatory for everyone living in Germany and a prerequisite for obtaining a German visa. 

Why do internationals need health insurance coverage when coming to Germany?

Everyone living in Germany is required by law to have healthcare coverage. University students aged under 30 are usually eligible for public health insurance. Language school students, preparatory course students, PhDs, guest scientists, and university students aged 30 may have to secure private health insurance coverage.

Expatrio’s Health Insurance is personalized because it offers you exactly the type of coverage you need depending on your profile. Generally, university students aged under 30 receive:

  • Incoming Insurance, free for up to 92 days, with DR-WALTER
  • Public Health Insurance with Techniker Krankenkasse (TK)

Students aged 30 and over 30, language school and preparatory course students, PhDs, guest scientists, and all of those who are not eligible for public health insurance receive:

  • Private Health Insurance with DR-WALTER

Activation needed

Your Health Insurance needs to be activated once you arrive in Germany. Add this item to your arrival to-do list to avoid future hurdles.

How does the Health Insurance bundle work?

#1. Apply

Fill in our form to secure your Health Insurance coverage.

#2. Receive confirmation

Download your Incoming Insurance confirmation for your visa appointment.

#3. Activate

Once in Germany, activate your Health Insurance to be covered.

Health Insurance

Personalized coverage for your visa and stay in Germany
  • Free Incoming Insurance for your visa worth up to €95. Accepted worldwide.
  • Best Public German Health Insurance: Techniker Krankenkasse (TK)1
  • Awarded Private Health Insurance: DR-WALTER2
  • Extensive coverage incl. vaccinations
  • Doctor appointment service & live chat
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Know more about your Health Insurance providers

At Expatrio, we only work with partners who share our passion for supporting internationals relocating to Germany. The health insurance providers Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) and DR-WALTER are our partners to bring you the best health insurance coverage.

Learn more about Techniker Krankenkasse

tkOn your studies or work start date, you will be insured with Techniker  Krankenkasse (TK). TK is a Public Health Insurance provider, also known as Statutory Health Insurance or even Governmental Health Insurance.

According to Focus Money, TK is the best German statutory health insurance fund (Public Health Insurance) and the best health insurance fund for students (17/23)1. Their service comes with many advantages, such as vaccinations, a favorable bonus program, and a convenient digital doctor appointment service.

Learn more about DR-WALTER

dr-walter logoFor your visa and arrival in Germany, an Incoming Insurance (also known as Travel Health Insurance, Private Travel Insurance, Schengen Health Insurance) is mandatory. You are covered by this health insurance until your studies at a university or a university of applied sciences start.

If you are participating in a language course, or preparatory studies (Studienkolleg), you will have this Private Health Insurance for the duration of your course.

Our partner for Private Health Insurance is DR-WALTER, a specialized broker with over 60 years of experience in the insurance market and awarded as a Star Insurance provider 1.

Health Insurance

Secure your personalized health insurance coverage for your German visa and stay in the country.



What does the Health Insurance Plus package include?

Health Insurance Plus package aims to provide holistic insurance coverage for your stay in Germany and includes: Incoming Insurance and Health Insurance. Apart from that, it also offers Current Bank Account and ISIC card.

How much do I pay for Health Insurance Plus package in total?

The only item within the Health Insurance Plus package that is paid is your Health Insurance. The cost of the insurance depends on your profile (your age, number of children, etc.). The rest of the items within Health Insurance Plus come for free.

What is the difference between Health Insurance and Health Insurance Plus?

The difference between the Health Insurance by itself and the Health Insurance Plus package is that by ordering Health Insurance Plus you receive a list of benefits, such as Incoming Insurance and Current Bank Account. Basically, by choosing Health Insurance Plus you pay the same price but receive additional services for free.


1 DR-WALTER has been awarded the Super Star Award by the Study Travel Magazine

2 In the issue 07/2023, Focus-Money business magazine awarded TK “Best Student Health Insurance Fund”.