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Health Insurance Plus

Health Insurance coverage in Germany is mandatory for everyone be it a student, language student, intern or employee. Also if you are coming from a non-European country, health insurance coverage is a prerequisite for obtaining a visa.

With Expatrio you can get fully accepted and approved German Public Health Insurance and receive several additional insurance bonuses absolutely for free! Choose Health Insurance Plus and ensure yourself a secure and carefree stay in Germany.

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Health Insurance Plus with Expatrio

We know that choosing the right health insurance provider can be quite cumbersome. As Germany has different systems you might want to read more in our dedicated section about Health Insurance.

Expatrio is working with the best providers. In our Health Insurance Plus package we are working with Techniker Krankenkasse (Public Health Insurance) and with DR-WALTER (Incoming Health Insurance) - both are, of course, accepted & approved by the German Federal Foreign Office for your visa process and university enrollment.

Health Insurance Plus package includes:

  • Germany's best Public Health Insurance*
  • Free Incoming Insurance*

In addition to that you will benefit from:

  • Free Current Account*
  • Free DeGis membership*
  • Free DeGiS Insurance bundle*
  • Free Repatriation Insurance*
  • Free International Student Identity Card (ISIC)*

    Health Insurance - trusted by our customers

    Health Insurance Plus

    Your mandatory Health Insurance coverage for visa application and enrollment with additional benefits

    Your mandatory Health Insurance coverage for visa and stay!

    • Accepted & approved by Federal Foreign Office 
    • Germany's best Public Health Insurance*
    • Free Incoming Travel Insurance*

    Enjoy FREE benefits:

    • Current Bank Account*
    • DeGiS lifelong Membership*
    • DeGiS Insurance Bundle*
    • Repatriation Insurance*
    • International Student Identity Card (ISIC)*


    ​​​​​​​All benefits are also included in the Value Package!

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    DR-WALTER Incoming Insurance

    For your visa and your arrival in Germany an Incoming Insurance (also known as Travel Health Insurance, Private Travel Insurance, Schengen Health Insurance) is mandatory. You can use this Health Insurance until your studies at a University or a University of Applied Sciences start. If you are participating in a language course, or preparatory studies (Studienkolleg), you will have this Incoming Insurance for the duration of that course. Our insurance partner for the Incoming Insurance is DR-WALTER, a specialized broker with more than 60 years of experience in providing travel insurance.

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    TK Public Health Insurance

    On the day of the start of your studies or the beginning of your work, you need to be insured in a Private Health Insurance or Public Health Insurance (also known as Statutory Health Insurance or Governmental Health Insurance) in Germany. Our partner for the Public Health Insurance is Die Techniker (also known as Techniker Krankenkasse or TK). According to Focus Money (07/2019) TK is Germany’s best Public Health Insurance* and comes with a lot of different advantages, such as vaccinations, a favorable bonus program and a convenient digital doctor appointment service.

    TK health insurance

    Health Insurance Plus

    Our tailored exploration will tell you exactly what you need. You just need to provide a few data and within seconds you get our instant expert opinion on your individual situation. Check out now and apply for the Health Insurance of your choice.


    Expatrio has developed a customer individual exploration that tells you exactly what you need at a certain point in time. You will only pay for what you really need.

    Just to give you an example, how complex the situation can get, but how easy the solution with Expatrio is:

    1. Situation: You are based in Mexico and you get your admission to Mannheim University. After you have checked with the German Embassy you know that you need a Blocked Account and an Incoming Insurance to get your visa. From Mannheim University you know that you need a Public Health Insurance for your enrolment. Problem: you don't know the exact day of your arrival to Germany, nor when your university will start, so how can you still conclude the right products without being uninsured or paying too much?
    2. Solution: You apply for a Blocked Account and the Combined Health Insurance package with Expatrio. The Combined Health Insurance can be concluded even if you do not know the exact days of your arrival and the start of your university program. After application we will send you your Insurance certificates and once you know all your details, you simply let us know or you adjust it yourself in your Expatrio Log-in portal. Everything will work automatically and even more important: tailor-made to your individual situation.


    What does the Health Insurance Plus package include?

    Health Insurance Plus package aims to provide a holistic insurance coverage for your stay in Germany and includes: Incoming Insurance, Health Insurance, Stay Safe Insurance (Liability + Travel Smart Insurances), Repatriation Insurance. Apart from that it also offers Current Bank Account, ISIC card, and DeGiS membership.

    How much do I pay for Health Insurance Plus package in total?

    The only item within the Health Insurance Plus package that is paid is the Public Health Insurance from Techniker Krankenkasse. Monthly fees for it vary depending on what category you fall in (based on your age, number of children, etc.). The average fee for students is around €100 per month.

    What is the difference between Health Insurance and Health Insurance Plus?

    The difference between the Health Insurance by itself and the Health Insurance Plus package is that by ordering Health Insurance Plus you receive a list of benefits, such as Incoming Insurance, Stay Safe Insurance, DeGiS membership, Current Bank Account, and Repatriation Insurance. Basically, by choosing Health Insurance Plus you pay the same price but receive several additional services for free.

    Is it obligatory to create a Monese Current Account if I order Health Insurance Plus?

    No, it is absolutely optional. You can choose to create Monese Current Account with the help of Expatrio or use any other Current Bank Account you want.


    * Based on the quantity and quality of customer reviews on Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews and Trustpilot Reviews.

    * Please refer to the STCHIP for further information on the Special Terms and Conditions for the Health Insurance Plus Package.

    * Compared to purchasing the products and services included in the Value package stand-alone as indicated in the respective areas respectively footnotes and the STCHIP, calculation including the Voucher Code promotion.

    * Techniker Krankenkasse has been awarded as the best German statutory health insurance fund (public health insurance) by the renowned Focus-Money (07/19) health insurer test for the thirteenth time in a row.

    * Monese Current Account: The “Plus Plan” will be free of charge for the first 12 months (usually €4.95 per month).

    * DR-WALTER Incoming Insurance: Valid for 180 days after arrival. First 31 days for free (usually €33).

    * Calculation: difference in the Health Insurance premiums of DAK as compared to Techniker Krankenkasse (“TK”) on an annual basis (< 23 years or >23 with children: DAK €109.89 monthly, €1,318.68 p.a.; TK €103.94 monthly, €1,247.28 p.a.) // >23 years, no children: DAK €111.75 monthly, €1,341.00 p.a.; TK €105.80 monthly, €1,269.60 p.a.). In both cases, the TK premiums are €71.40 cheaper as compared to DAK. Please consider this calculation as an example and be advised that not only the price can vary but also the coverage. For more information, you can refer to our partner

    * Deutsche Gesellschaft internationaler Studierender (DeGiS): Lifelong free membership (usually €120 per year, see, including DeGiS group insurance bundle, covered by ONE Versicherung AG, in the first year after activation, cancelled automatically (usually €117).

    * Expatrio Repatriation group insurance: repatriation in case of death, covered by Element Insurance AG, in the first year after activation, cancelled automatically (usually €13.80).

    * ISIC card: In the first year after activation, cancelled automatically (usually €15).