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What types of insurance do you need to live in Germany?

Short answer: liability and household insurances

Germany is a country with a solid tradition in insurances. Apart from health insurance, the must-haves for everyone living in Germany are liability and household insurances. Both are useful for unforeseen events. 

Liability insurance covers you in cases of unintentional harm to a person, their belongings, or an object. In the case of household insurance, you are protected from damage costs related to your current housing. Several providers offer both services in Germany.

We have listed the recommended liability and household insurances providers for internationals in Germany. Check them out!

Liability Insurance

For all the unexpected situations

Liability insurance (Haftpflichtversicherung) covers costs related to unexpected damages to a person or an object. This type of insurance is very popular in Germany since the government holds people accountable for the damages they cause.

Acquiring liability insurance will ensure your peace of mind for unforeseen events. The coverage and prices differ from provider to provider.

Check out the best offers on the market

Getsafe Adam Riese
From €3.59
From €3.56
From €6
Getsafe Adam Riese
Getsafe Adam Riese
  • Accidental damages
  • Pets (excluding dogs)
  • Lock replacement due to key loss
  • Damage inflicted on others
  • Damage from internet usage
  • Private liability damages
  • Loss of keys
  • Bad debt losses
Getsafe Adam Riese


Getsafe* is a digital insurance company. Their liability insurance covers accidental damages, pets (excluding dogs), lock replacement if you ever lose your keys, and much more. They offer the option to add your partner or kids to your product at an additional cost.

You can secure your liability insurance through their website or app. Getsafe’s product is fairly cheap, and you get worldwide coverage, which is a big bonus if you are an international student. Their services are offered both in English and German. You can manage everything on their app and cancel anytime.


Adam Riese

Adam Rieseis a German insurance company. Their liability insurance includes property, financial or personal damage. Adam Riese offers you the possibility of adding your kids to the product to ensure they are also protected.

You can secure your liability insurance with them through their website. The company only operates in German, and you can cancel anytime after one year.

insurance-adam-riese* is a pioneer insurtech. Their liability insurance covers you from private damages, loss of keys, bad debt losses, and more. Moreover, with, you are protected within Europe, a bonus if you are an international student. Their insurance fee automatically covers your partner or kids.

You can secure your liability insurance with on their website. They only offer services in German, and you can cancel at any time.


Household Insurance

Protect yourself from unnecessary household problems

Household insurance is another must-have insurance for anyone living in Germany. The standard household insurance covers damages you might have caused to your house - whether rented or owned - in addition to your belongings.

The coverage and prices vary depending on the provider. Most of them offer this type of insurance as an add-on to your liability insurance. We have prepared a list of the best household insurance providers.

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