German insurances


Protection is one of Expatrio's main drivers. Our Value Package and Health Insurance Plus offer you tailored protection in the form of holistic and simultaneously free insurance packages.

To make sure we've got your back, we offer you a range of insurance must-haves that can cover all the unforeseen situations which you might face in Germany saving a lot of money. For example Repatriation Insurance, Travel Insurance and Liability Insurance. Read on to find out more about these insurances and how they can help you.

Repatriation insurance

Coverage even for the most sensitive issues

Health insurance is probably one of your main concerns when moving to Germany. However, one very important issue that can be easily forgotten in that moment is: what happens in the worst-case scenario, an unexpected demise?

Expatrio wants to make sure you feel safe and protected even in a sensitive situation like this one. That’s why we’ve partnered with ELEMENT Insurance AG to offer you a repatriation insurance, which takes into account your religious beliefs, and includes:

  • Repatriation of the body in case of death by air or land route
  • Professional assistance for relatives 
  • Sensible coverage extension for public health insurance

The repatriation insurance is already added on your Value Package and Health Insurance Plus. The service is free of charge for the first year, which means you'll save €13.80 for this coverage. After one year, the coverage will be terminated automatically. Also good to know is that your repatriation insurance is activated right after your TK health insurance is active

If you don't have the Value Package or the Health Insurance package and still want to have the repatriation insurance, you can acquire it independently by contacting us.

Check our blog post about the repatriation insurance to know more details about how this coverage was developed.

Stay Safe Package

The perfect insurance mix for international students

Based on the fact that all international students should have the opportunity to get the same insurance coverage most Germans hold, we’ve partnered with ONE Versicherung to offer you a mix of liability and travel insurance.

Our Stay Safe Package is the result of all that Expatrio believes is essential for a safe and seamless arrival in Germany. 

ONE, a digital insurance company, and Expatrio provide you the Stay Safe package, which includes:

  1. Compact Private Liability Insurance: covering you in case you harm someone or break something. For example: breaking someone's glasses, spilling some red wine on someone's carpet or dropping a friend’s phone.
  2. Travel Smart Insurance: covering damages, loss or theft of your beloved belongings (up to €2.500), your laptop (up to €1.500) or mobile phone (up to €1.000), on your journeys within Germany and abroad up to 28 days.

You can opt for the Stay Safe Package as part of your free DeGiS membership, which comes with your Value Package and Health Insurance Plus. The service is free of charge for the first year, meaning you'll save €117 for this coverage. After one year, the coverage will be terminated automatically.


Check out our pages to know more about health insurance in Germany.


What is covered by my Public Health Insurance?

Every health insurance provider has own list of cases that are covered or not. When it comes to the Health Insurance from Techniker Krankenkasse which Expatrio is offering, it covers doctor appointments, medical prescriptions, some dental treatments, maternity services, prostheses, emergency treatments, and hospital stays. Still, it is highly advised to contact the health insurance provider every time and ask what is covered in a particular situation.

Who is qualified to join Public Health Insurance funds?

The vast majority of people are qualified to get public health insurance. Still, there are a few categories of people that would need to get private health insurance. Among those you can find: language students, freelancers, civil servants, students that are over 30 years old or the ones that have already studied 14 semesters. If you do not belong to any of those categories, you can apply to be publicly insured. Also if you are a high-earner (more than €60,750 annually), you are eligible for the private health insurance.

What happens if I'm not eligible for Public Health Insurance?

If you are not eligible for public health insurance you can order a private one. With Expatrio you can get DR-WALTER private health insurance which serves all of those who are not eligible for public health insurance.

What is Incoming Insurance?

Incoming Insurance is a private health insurance that is used when public health insurance is not available. Incoming insurance offers health insurance coverage for students who are coming for language courses, or for studies in advance, and need coverage for the period before studies start.

What is Stay Safe Package and what does it include?

Stay Safe is an insurance package provided by our Partner - ONE Insurance. Stay Safe includes Private Liability Insurance and Travel Smart Insurance, which are covering the cases when you harm someone or someone’s property, as well as when there is some damage, loss or theft taking place during a trip.

What is Repatriation Insurance?

Repatriation Insurance covers the costs associated with the return of the corpse to the homeland in case of death abroad. The Repatriation Insurance Expatrio is offering was developed specifically for the needs of expatriates and is adapted to the religious values of the insured person.