German insurances


Protection is one of Expatrio's main drivers. Our Value Package and Health Insurance Plus offer you tailored protection in the form of holistic packages including insurances that can cover all the unforeseen situations which you might face in Germany, saving a lot of money and protecting you from unnecessary stress.

If you don’t need to apply for the packages you can still order some of the insurance products such as Liability Insurance, Household Insurance or Repatriation Insurance separately. All of these Insurances were developed by Expatrio in cooperation with the insurance company ELEMENT which allows us to tailor the offer to your needs and preferences.

Private Liability Insurance

For all the unexpected situations

Life happens and you never know when you might need Private Liability Insurance. It seems that every one of us has such a situation when you accidentally break your friend’s mug or push someone unintentionally on the street - all of those are just minor examples of situations when we cause some damage to the others. In such a case, no matter whether it is Personenschäden (person damage), Sachschäden (object damage) or Vermögensschäden (wealth damage), your Private Liability Insurance would pay the costs incurred.

Private Liability Insurance is one of the must-haves that German residents are highly recommended to get. Therefore Expatrio, in cooperation with ELEMENT, introduced a special offer - Private Liability Insurance that is available to everyone, and what is more, adjustable to your personal profile and needs. 

By applying here you can choose the size of your household (whether you live alone, with a partner or partner and children), your age, deductibles (whether you want to pay yourself the damages that are below €250 or you want the insurance to cover all the damages) and the number of previous private liability-related accidents you had in the last 5 years if any. Given all this information we will be able to provide you a set of specially tailored solutions with 3 different levels of coverage depending on your needs and preferences. Apply now and let us adopt the insurance for your unique case.

Household Insurance

Protect yourself from unnecessary household problems

After coming to Germany you might find out that the way real estate is approached here is different from what you are used to having in your motherland. Starting with the apartment search and ending with Household Insurance the things work differently here and you need to be prepared. 

One of the ways to prepare is to get yourself Household Insurance which will protect your wallet from the issues that might happen to the belongings which you have in your house or apartment. This also applies if you are living in a Wohnungsgemeinschaft (shared flat) which is quite common for students. Imagine damages by water leakage or domestic fuel - the financial impact can be quite high. Also if someone breaks into your flat, you want your mobile phone, laptop, and valuable items to be insured. This is what the Household Insurance does. 

To make sure that you don’t overpay for the unnecessary services you will be asked to provide a few details (your age, size of your apartment, postcode, deductibles and number of previous household-related accidents), which will help us find the offer to suit your actual needs. No matter of the type of profile you have you will always get a choice among 3 options of insurance allowing you to adjust it to your actual need even further. 

Don’t adjust to the solutions out there, find a solution that can be adjusted to you. Apply for the Household Insurance from Expatrio and ELEMENT right now!

Repatriation Insurance

Coverage even for the most sensitive issues

Health Insurance is probably one of your main concerns when moving to Germany. However, one very important issue that can be easily forgotten at that moment is: "What happens in the worst-case scenario of an unexpected demise?"

Expatrio wants to make sure you feel safe and protected even in a sensitive situation like this one. That’s why we’ve partnered with ELEMENT to offer you Repatriation Insurance, which takes into account your religious beliefs, and includes:

  • Repatriation of the body in case of death by air or land route
  • Professional assistance for relatives 
  • Sensible coverage extension for public health insurance

Repatriation Insurance is very affordable as it costs only €13.80 for the whole year. After one year, the coverage will be terminated automatically. Repatriation Insurance is not a part of any of the Expatrio packages, still, if you want to have it, you can acquire it independently by contacting us.


What is covered by my Public Health Insurance?

Every health insurance provider has own list of cases that are covered or not. When it comes to the Health Insurance from Techniker Krankenkasse which Expatrio is offering, it covers doctor appointments, medical prescriptions, some dental treatments, maternity services, prostheses, emergency treatments, and hospital stays. Still, it is highly advised to contact the health insurance provider every time and ask what is covered in a particular situation.

Who is qualified to join Public Health Insurance funds?

The vast majority of people are qualified to get public health insurance. Still, there are a few categories of people that would need to get private health insurance. Among those you can find: language students, freelancers, civil servants, students that are over 30 years old or the ones that have already studied 14 semesters. If you do not belong to any of those categories, you can apply to be publicly insured. Also if you are a high-earner (more than €60,750 annually), you are eligible for the private health insurance.

What happens if I'm not eligible for Public Health Insurance?

If you are not eligible for public health insurance you can order a private one. With Expatrio you can get DR-WALTER private health insurance which serves all of those who are not eligible for public health insurance.

What is Incoming Insurance?

Incoming Insurance is a private health insurance that is used when public health insurance is not available. Incoming insurance offers health insurance coverage for students who are coming for language courses, or for studies in advance, and need coverage for the period before studies start.

What is Repatriation Insurance?

Repatriation Insurance covers the costs associated with the return of the corpse to the homeland in case of death abroad. The Repatriation Insurance Expatrio is offering was developed specifically for the needs of expatriates and is adapted to the religious values of the insured person.