Munich, living in Germany

Living in Germany

Whether you are a student or worker wishing to come to Germany, there is a lot to discover in the country, and Expatrio wants to help you with all information you need to know about Living in Germany.

Life in Germany may offer you great study options and work opportunities. As a diverse country with a growing international population, Germany thrives from this mix. So check below all our pages with vital information about this amazing country.


An overview on several German cities.

Facts about Germany

All you need to know before moving to Germany.


Tourism in Germany

Why Germany is one of the top tourist attractions in the world.

German Culture

The main facts about various aspects of the German culture.

Learn German

Our tips to learn the German language.

Visa for Germany

All the information about types of German visa.

Costs of Living in Germany

Find out tips about living costs in the country.

Finance in Germany

All you need to know about bank accounts and insurance types in Germany.

Health insurance in Germany

Your guide to the German health insurance world.

Driving in Germany

An overview of the rules of the road, important things to know when driving in Germany.