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Tourism in Germany

Germany Tourism: Why Germany is one of the top tourist attractions in the world

Visiting Germany's most famous cities is a top priority for many. But a vacation in picture-perfect villages is also possible, as well as attending spectacular events!

General Information

While Berlin is a favorite travel destination for tourists from near and far, Bavaria is actually the most popular tourist destination in the country, with 100 million overnight stays in 2019. This is because Germany is also a really popular vacation destination among Germans. This means that most visitors come from Germany itself! According to, the following countries rank next: The Netherlands, Switzerland and the USA.

When traveling to or within Germany, the majority of people are looking for history, culture and natural beauty. In metropolitan cities such as Munich, Berlin or Hamburg, those interested in culture enjoy visiting spectacular sights or experiencing art. Active holidaymakers like to head to the Bavarian Alps, the Black Forest or the Rhine Valley to indulge in some real action.

How do tourists travel to Germany?

Many visitors, especially those coming from Europe, travel to Germany by car or train. Many who come from other parts of the world also fly into one of Germany's major cities and then continue their journey by bus or train.

How do you travel to Germany with Covid-19 restrictions?

International travel is possible in Germany and most other European countries. There are a few rules that need to be followed under Covid-19 restrictions, especially if you are coming from a high-risk area somewhere in Europe or other parts of the world:

  • To help distinguish between affected countries, Germany has established a system that divides countries and regions into different areas: Virus variants and high-risk areas.
  • Everyone coming from a virus variant area has to isolate themselves for fourteen days, those coming from high-risk areas have to stay in self-isolation for ten days.

ℹ️ Find a list of current high-risk areas and virus variant areas here.

ℹ️ Travelers from the following third countries can enter Germany without restrictions.

ℹ️ Residents of other non-EU countries are allowed to enter Germany only if they are working in an important function, have an urgent need to travel or have a complete vaccination.

If you would like to learn more about traveling to Germany during the pandemic, please refer to this article.

What do tourists want to see in Germany?

Many people visiting Germany enjoy several destinations during their trip. Thus, they often choose one region to stay in, such as the Black Forest in the southwestern corner of Germany, and from there visit various other regions - like Baden-Baden (which is only a one-hour drive away) or even Neuschwanstein (a palace commissioned by King Ludwig II and the ultimate fairytale castle with great landscapes all around).

Germany's larger cities are also among the main tourist attractions. Hamburg, in the far north, for example, is a popular travel destination for city travelers who enjoy art, culture and special events at the opera.

Have you heard of the Cologne Cathedral? Cologne boasts an extraordinary cathedral, Frankfurt is a very international city that should be visited at least once, and Munich has superb events like the Oktoberfest in the early fall.

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What spots in Germany are the most popular?

Whether you wish to explore a famous river, a beautiful lake, a historical museum, a national park, or even a spectacular German cathedral, these are places you should definitely check out:

1. Capital City Berlin

No holiday in Germany is complete without a visit to the capital, Berlin. The iconic city offers a wide range of museums on German history: Learn more about the former East and West Berlin (e.g. in the DDR Museum), stroll along the River Spree on a sunny afternoon in spring or fall, and don't forget to try the many international restaurants. Besides, Berlin is the German city for a great night out, so make sure to book accommodation close to hotspots like Prenzlauer Berg or Kreuzberg!

2. Baltic Sea Islands

If you travel to the North of Germany, you can visit famous East Sea islands, such as the Island of Rügen. This particularly beautiful place offers attractions like the Jasmund National Park. After a long walk through the park or across the island, head to the local spa for a relaxing end to the day.

3. Old Town Hall in Bamberg

German old towns are impressive and among the top tourist attractions there. Many small towns, like Nuremberg, offer great sightseeing in both winter and summer. Enjoy a mulled wine at a charming Christmas market in winter and visit the old town hall in Bamberg in summer for a truly scenic view of a classic German city.

4. Germany's South

The south of Germany is especially beloved by active holidaymakers. In addition to picturesque and quaint villages, there are plenty of mountains to hike on for all nature lovers! The town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen should be of particular interest to all vacationers looking for a spectacular view. Take the cable car to the top of the Zugspitze and enjoy the view of Lake Eibsee and the mountains all around. This trip is simply fantastic for landscape lovers!

What are the 5 best reasons to visit Germany?

There are plenty of reasons to come to Germany, and these are our all-time top 5:

1. Historical sights and cultural diversity

The country is best known for its history surrounding World War II. Many cultural institutions provide a detailed insight into this period. If you don't want to dwell so much on the museums, you can focus on the rest of the country's cultural diversity: From the opera houses in Bayreuth and Hamburg to the beer gardens in Munich, there is definitely a lot to discover in every major city!

2. Ideal starting point for European travel

The country is the perfect starting point for a tour of Europe because it is right in the middle of it. Within a very short time, you are already in neighboring countries such as Austria, France or Belgium.

3. Breathtaking landscapes

Germany is also known for a variety of great sceneries, ranging from steep mountains to gentle plains and dense forests. For this, you should leave the big cities behind and explore smaller, local places to experience all the beauty of the country.

4. Trying German Food

Yes, German food is really delicious! You will confirm that once you try German bread and, of course, German beer. There are also great local specialties, like various soups and stews, Sauerbraten (slow-cooked German pot roast) or roast pork.

5. Getting to know Germans

Find out if the stereotype is true and Germans really don't have a sense of humor! Even though people in Germany often seem reserved at first and aren't exactly fans of small talk, you're guaranteed to make some real friends here. Even on vacation! The best thing to do is to head to a local festival or event and strike up a conversation with the visitors.

What are the best tips for traveling to Germany?

  • Choose your favorite season: Germany has four distinct seasons. It means you can enjoy either a winter delight, like mulled wine at one of the popular Christmas markets, or a summer highlight, like a hike up the Zugspitze, Germany's highest mountain.
  • Travel to enchanting cities and historical highlights: Especially Hanseatic towns like Bremen or Lübeck offer a unique charm that no one can resist.
  • Take plenty of time for outdoor activities: Hiking and biking are popular with Germans. There are many scenic routes to take throughout the country.
  • Complete your bookings early and book off-season if possible: Most accommodations, especially hotels are more expensive around Christmas and during the summer. If you are looking for reasonably-priced accommodation, you should look for off-season bargains or stay at a privately owned apartment.
  • Take a vacation with something truly unique: If you're looking for something different, you can also have fun at one of the many amusement parks, go to a wine-growing area or even enjoy a spa day!

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I want to travel to Germany with my children. What are the rules?

Everyone entering Germany who is at least six years old must be tested for Corona infection. Vaccinated or recovered persons may be exempt from this requirement if they can provide proof. Those younger than six years do not have to be tested.

Why is Germany famous for tourism?

It has extremely favorable vacation conditions, such as magnificent mountain ranges, lake and river sceneries, the coasts and islands of the North Sea and the East Sea, numerous cultural monuments and a large number of towns full of tradition, as well as well-developed infrastructure.

Is Germany open for tourism?

Even during the Covid-19 days, the country is generally open for tourism, although there are some rules and restrictions to be observed.

Is Germany good for tourism?

Germany is perfect for tourism. There are many reasons for visiting: City hopping and the search for a special ambiance in the abundant nature or at one of Germany's popular festivals like Oktoberfest are at the top of the list.