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German Language Course Visa

Expatrio 2024-02-15
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Many students undertaking a German language course in Germany will need a specific Student Language Course Visa. This visa is necessary for non-EU citizens undertaking an intensive three-month to one-year language course.

As with all German visas, there are certain requirements for a successful application, so it’s advisable to familiarize yourself with these and with the process itself.

German Language Course Visa

There are three types of student visa in Germany; a Student Applicant Visa, a Language Course Visa, and standard Student Visa. This page specifically explores the Language Course Visa.

Those from the EU, EEA, and Switzerland can study in Germany on an intensive language course without the need for a visa. But those from other countries will need the necessary visa before they begin the course.

This visa is specific to German language courses, sometimes called ‘preparatory courses’. You cannot study for a degree using the language course visa. The visa can also not be converted into a student visa upon completion of the language course. Those looking to apply for a university degree course after the language course will need to return home and apply separately for both the university course and the German Student Visa.

Those who have already been accepted onto a degree course but are required to undertake the language course first can apply for both the Student Visa and the Language Course Visa before they move to Germany.

How do I get a German language visa?

Like all German visas, applicants need to apply for the Language Course Visa in their home country via the German consulate or embassy. Provided you qualify and have all the necessary documentation (see below), you will need to pay the fee for a Language Course Visa which is €60. You will also need to attend a visa interview in person before your application is accepted.

Can I work in Germany with a language course visa?

Those undertaking an intensive language course are not eligible to work in Germany.


Requirements for language course visa

Checklist for a Language Visa application:

  • Valid passport
  • 3 x biometric passport photos
  • 3 x photocopies of passport
  • Proof of healthcare cover
  • Proof of sufficient living costs funds, through a Blocked Account (Sperrkonto) or other means, such as a sponsorship letter
  • Proof of acceptance/registration onto a course of least 18 hours per week.
  • Letter of motivation
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Proof of qualifications from home country (e.g. high school diploma, degree certificate)
  • Official letter of leave from employee (if relevant)

Health Insurance for Language Course Students

Foreign (Non-EU/EEA/Swiss) students undertaking a Language Course of between three months and one year will need to apply for a specialist Language Course Student Visa. This visa also requires proof of healthcare insurance; however, language course students are not able to register for the public healthcare system.

This means you will need to take out private health insurance for the duration of your course. Without proof of this, you cannot apply for your visa.

Once you have registered with a private healthcare insurer, you’ll need to take proof of this cover with you to your visa interview.

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Application Process

1. Make an appointment for a visa interview

You will need to sit a visa interview before you can be accepted for the Language Student Visa. There is often a waiting time for appointments, so schedule this as soon as you can and use the time in between to gather all the necessary documentation.

2. Fill in the application form

Applicants may be able to fill in the application form online. Alternatively, download it and fill it in by hand. Be careful not to leave any gaps as this can cause a delay to the processing of your visa.

3. Set up a blocked account (or other proof of financial means)

Applicants will need to prove they have sufficient living costs to cover them for the duration of the course. This is calculated at €720 a month: the average living costs for a student. A blocked account is a special type of bank account that allows you to deposit these funds before you move to Germany. Alternatively, a letter from parents or a sponsor stating that they will cover your living costs may suffice.

Here at Expatrio we can help language course applicants set up a Blocked Account, increasing the likelihood of being granted the necessary visa for this type of study. Check our our Blocked Accounts service page.

4. Health Insurance

Those on a language course are not eligible to register for the public healthcare system and will therefore need to arrange private medical/healthcare cover for the duration of the course.

Find out more on our Health Insurance for Foreign Students pages about public and private German health insurance for students.

5. Gather all the required documents

Ahead of your interview, ensure you have all the documents outlined above and that everything is in order. You will need to take these documents to your visa interview.

6. Attending the visa interview

This short interview will take around ten minutes and will take place at the German consulate, visa office, or embassy in your home country. You may be asked questions about your motivation for doing a language course in Germany.


Recognized Certification for your language studies

Undertaking a formal German language course in Germany for foreigners will result in a recognized certification. A language course may be undertaken at a German university or a dedicated language school. After successfully completing an intensive language course, students will be awarded a grade based on the following grading system: A1, A2 (A2.1, A2.2), B1 (B1.1, B1.2), B2, C1, C2.

In order to progress to a German-taught degree, you will need to gain a score of at least B1.

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