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Blocked Account and Health Insurance

Relocation made easy!

Your all-inclusive package for a seamless start in Germany.

  • Stress-free visa preparation for internationals
  • Fast, secure, affordable
  • Blocked Account, Health Insurance + now our free German Bank Account.

How Our Customers Feel About Our Service

Start your next chapter in Germany now

Moving to Germany?

Our Value Package takes the stress out of your visa preparation and is designed to make your life easier. Get all your visa needs while in the comfort of your own home. 

Secure your German visa: get €49 cashback on your Blocked Account1 , free Travel Health Insurance3, and up to €90 cashback every year2 for three years with TK-Flex.

Now includes our German Bank Account for free. Send, receive, and manage your money in one place. Designed for internationals, we take the stress out of German bureaucracy.

What does Expatrio's Value package offer?

  • Fully online Blocked Account opening. Accepted by German authorities worldwide.
  • Free Travel Health Insurance. Accepted worldwide.
  • Germany’s best Public Health Insurance4
  • Award-winning Private Health Insurance5
  • Free German Bank Account
  • Free digital International Student Discount Card (ISIC)
  • Accommodation opportunities via the Expatrio app.

Cost Breakdown

  • Monthly fee: Only €5
  • Blocked Account set-up fee: €0 (€49 cashback)limited time offer.

The Expatrio Value Package includes:


Blocked Account

Fast and secure Blocked Account for your German visa

The Blocked Account (Sperrkonto) is a special type of account that proves you have sufficient financial resources for your life in Germany. It is a mandatory requirement for your visa.

Open your Blocked Account entirely online in just a few minutes. Once funds are received, you will get instant confirmation documentation accepted by all German authorities.

Here are just some of the perks of Expatrio's Blocked Account:

  • Simple, fast, secure service + €49 cashback1
  • The option to transfer your funds in your local currency
  • 24hr Customer Support response time

Health Insurance bundle

Personalized health insurance coverage

Get comprehensive health insurance coverage from some of the best providers in Germany. Not only is our bundle accepted for your visa application, but it is also tailored to meet your needs, and covers you for your entire time in Germany. 

Included in the bundle:

  • Free Travel Health Insurance (also known as Incoming Insurance)3
  • Award-winning public4 or private5 health insurance, depending on your individual situation
  • Customizable coverage and cashback opportunities
Expatrio illustration using ATM

Bank Account

Your free German Bank Account

Send, receive, and manage your money in one place. Directly connected to your Blocked Account. Zero fees and no minimum balance required. Designed for internationals in Germany, and included in the Expatrio Value Package.

Why choose us?

  • No Residence Permit needed for opening.
  • Get a free digital debit card, accepted globally. Apple Pay or Google Pay at your fingertips.
  • Your money is always protected up to €100,000 with the European Deposit Protection Scheme.

Expatrio Value Package

Simplify your move to Germany with Expatrio's Value Package! Get your mandatory Health Insurance, Blocked Account, free German Bank Account, plus other free benefits!

Get Value Package

How to get your Value Package


Apply online

Apply for the Expatrio Value Package and receive your visa-mandatory Blocked Account and Health Insurance plus other free benefits.


Transfer funds

Once your Blocked Account is open, you can transfer your blocked amount to it. With Expatrio Payment, you can transfer the funds in your local currency if you wish.


Instant confirmation

Once your funds are received, you will get an instant blocking confirmation. 
Download your Blocked Account and Health Insurance confirmation or your visa appointment.


Activate your products

Activate your Blocked Account, free German Bank Account, and Health Insurance via the Expatrio User Portal in one simple process once you arrive in Germany. Your Blocked Account payouts will be automatically deposited to your free German Bank Account with Expatrio on a monthly basis. Nothing else required.


Get your Value Package cashback

Once you've activated your Blocked Account and Health Insurance, get your €49 cashback directly into your German Bank Account. Just click 'payout cashback' on the Expatrio User Portal.

"Expatrio made everything easier for me, from being informed to going through the blocked account process, getting health insurance that was not rejected by the immigration offices and not having any problems at the airport."

Karla Morales

Graduate from Medical School


Value Package

Your all-inclusive package for an easy start in Germany

  • Blocked Account for only €5 per month (€49 cashback on set up fees).1
  • Up to €90 cashback every year for three years with TK-Flex.2
  • Free Travel Health Insurance for your visa worth up to €953. Accepted worldwide.
  • Germany’s best Public Health Insurance with English-speaking service and bonus program.4
  • Award-winning Private Health Insurance with extensive coverage.5
  • Free German Bank Account for your life in Germany
  • Free digital ISIC with access to worldwide discounts (worth up to €15).*
  • Accomodation opportunities via the Expatrio mobile app

How Our Customers Feel About Our Service

Value Package explained

Check out our video for all the details about our Value Package, including the most frequently asked questions.

Expatrio’s Value Package is brought to you by strong partners

At Expatrio, we only work with trusted partners who share our passion for supporting internationals relocating to Germany. Our Blocked Account partners are Aion Bank and Cohort Go, and our health insurance providers are Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) and DR-WALTER. Together we provide you with all you need for the best start in Germany. partner-tk-focus-money. 


The renowned Focus-Money magazine has awarded Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) as the best German statutory health insurance fund (Public Health Insurance) 17 times in a row (07/23) and as the best health insurance fund for students (07/23)4. DR-WALTER has been awarded as a Star Insurance provider5.

Experience the ease of Expatrio

Everything you need for your visa and relocation, accessible all in one app.


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[*] Up to €249 savings consists of: €49 cashback on Blocked Account set-up fees + up to €90 TK-Flex cashback + free travel health insurance worth up to €95 + free digital ISIC card worth up to €15. This offer is only valid for customers who apply for the Value Package. Expatrio reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any point in time. Special terms and conditions apply.

[1] Value Package customers can receive their €49 cashback after activating both their Blocked Account and Health Insurance.

[2] TK-Flex is an elective tariff and only available for eligible TK health insurance customers. Once the TK membership is activated, TK-Flex can commence. Expatrio will provide the customer with detailed guidelines on how to do this. Within TK-Flex, users have the option to deselect/opt out of services they do not need. In return, there is a cashback bonus of up to €90 per year. However, if the services are needed after all, TK customers can reactivate their health insurance coverage by paying a deductible of €24 per service (up to €120) per year. Please refer to our TK-Flex page for more information. 

[3]  Free Incoming/ Travel Health Insurance coverage for up to 92 days as part of the Value Package for eligible customers worth up to € 95.00.

[4] In the issue 07/2023, Focus-Money business magazine awarded TK “Best Student Health Insurance Fund”.

[5] DR-WALTER has been awarded the Super Star Award by the Study Travel Magazine.

[6] Without a Residence Permit, you will have temporary access to your Bank Account. By uploading your Residence Permit within the specified time frame (approximately 6 months) you will get permanent access to your Bank Account and all of the amazing benefits that come with it.

[7 ] Only available to selected countries.