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Activate your TK-Flex and receive up to €90 annually

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The newest addition to Expatrio's Value Package: TK-Flex.

Simply deselect the services you don't need as part of your insurance coverage, and receive up to €90 cashback annually1 for the next three years!

Sounds interesting? Then deselect the services now and get your TK cashback.


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TK-Flex: Adjust services, receive cashback

From seven different health services listed, you can choose up to five that don't fit your unique needs. You'll receive a cashback of €18 for each service that you have opted out of - up to €90 cashback annually1 for the next three years!

If you make use of one of the services you have chosen, you are still entitled to health insurance coverage from TK. However, you will partially be required to cover the costs incurred by yourself  (a maximum of €120 per year).

Choose up to five services that you are unlikely to use:

 Alternative medicines, homeopathy, and osteopathy

  • Outpatient and inpatient preventive and rehabilitation cures
  • Household help, nursing home care, and short-term care 
  • Professional tooth cleaning
  • Travel protection vaccinations & malaria prophylaxis for private trips abroad
  • Additional benefits during pregnancy (medicines, birth preparation courses for partners, on-call service by midwives) 
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A few steps to your Student Visa

  1. Activate

    After activating your blocked account and TK health insurance, you will receive an email to activate TK-Flex. Or you can visit the TK website directly. Remember: TK-Flex is an elective tariff and not mandatory!

  2. Select

    Visit the TK-Flex page and select up to 5 services that you want to opt out of. For every service you opt out of, you will receive €18 cashback (up to €90 annually) for the next three years.

  3. Visa paperwork

    You'll need: passport, biometric photo, certificate of enrollment, proof of: finances, health insurance, and residence; plus the visa application filled out.

  4. Receive

    Your TK cashback will be with you the following month after activating TK-Flex!


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Learn more about TK-Flex

Here you will find all information about the TK-Flex summarized:


Watch our short video on how to get your TK-Flex cashback!


What is TK-Flex?

Who can take part in TK-Flex?

Which services can you deselect in TK-Flex?

How is the TK cashback and deductibles calculated?

Where can I get TK-Flex and the TK Cashback?

What if I need services that I opted out of/deselected?

How long is the TK-Flex valid?

Where can I find more information about TK-Flex?

What is the Expatrio Value Package and how can I apply?

What is the difference between TK-Flex and TKPraemie-Flex?

When will I receive my TK Cashback?

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Activate your TK-Flex and receive up to €90 annually

The newest addition to Expatrio's Value Package: TK-Flex.

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