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TK Benefits and Bonus Program

Expatrio 2024-02-22
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When you take out a policy with the statutory health insurance provider Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), you won't just be fulfilling your legal requirement as an employee or student; TK is one of Germany's leading private health insurance providers, and its products provide a wide range of healthcare benefits.

But they go beyond medical assistance, offering also discounts, bonuses, and fitness tools to members. These bonuses are one of the things that sets TK apart, so let's have a look at them in more detail.


Catalog of TK Benefits

At its heart, TK is dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare insurance packages, and it offers products for a range of situations

Whether customers are students seeking medium-term coverage under state subsidies, or a head of household who wants to ensure that their dependents are covered, TK is a go-to insurer. It's also an insurer with several unique features that will appeal to new arrivals in Germany. For instance, TK offers:


TK-Appointment Service

The TK-Appointment Service will arrange doctors' appointments for policyholders whenever they need to see a medical expert. For no extra fee, TK will take care of bookings, making life easier for people who aren't fluent in German.


Travel Vaccinations

Foreign visitors will appreciate the inclusion of travel vaccinations in TK's packages. If you want to travel to tropical destinations, TK will pay for malaria or hepatitis vaccinations (although there may be a small supplementary fee for the vaccine itself).


Homeopathy and alternative medicine

If you prefer to rely on natural remedies and alternative therapies, TK is a good insurer to use. TK will happily refer members to homeopathic practitioners in their region, and will cover the first 60 minutes of consultations.


TK eHealth Card

With the TK eHealth card, TK policyholders can access a huge range of German healthcare facilities, as well as healthcare across the European Union.


Prevention and screening

Preventing illness is as important as treatment, and TK knows this

Customers benefit from sports medical examinations every two years, as well as free fitness tools under the TK Bonus programme.

Members will earn bonus points for attending screening appointments for conditions like cancer, or simply for general check-ups. All of these appointments are covered under TK insurance schemes.

There are big points dividends for joining gyms and sports clubs, and these points can be spent on further preventative or health-promoting services such as eye checks or fitness equipment.


Dental benefits

Dental work is a major concern for many new arrivals in Germany, and it's an expense that most people encounter at some stage during their residency. It's also an area where insurance coverage varies greatly, often leaving policyholders with major bills to pay for simple dental procedures.


Does TK insurance cover dental?

TK operates a nationwide network of relationships with dental partners. All policyholders are entitled to visit their chosen dentist two times per year for a thorough screening, and this comes with no fees attached.

Services like dental fillings are usually covered by TK as well, although some types of filling may require co-payments. Crowns will also be covered, but there is often a co-payment of 40% or so. Specific charges vary, however, so check with your dentist before attending.


Dental Health at TK

As with all German insurers, TK rewards customers who look after their dental health. If you can prove that you have a solid record of attending dental check-ups, TK will be willing to cover higher percentages of your dental bills. So take advantage of the free biannual check-ups. When you need more complex procedures or denture fittings, those appointments will pay dividends.


TK Bonus Program

The TK Bonus Program is one of the insurer's most distinctive services, and it can be an excellent source of benefits for participants

As with retail loyalty schemes, the TK Bonus Program involves customers "earning" points. However, points are not earned by purchasing products. Instead, they are awarded based on an individual's behavior.

A full list of the various ways to earn points can be found in the TK Bonus Booklet (TK-Bonusheft) that is provided to all participants. However, to give you a sense of what is involved, here are some common points-earning activities:

  • Active participation in sporting events. When you run a 5K, you won't just be rewarded with improved fitness and satisfaction. TK also award 500 points for sporting participation, recognizing that fitter customers make their services more profitable.
  • Dental check-ups. TK offers free dental check-ups for all health insurance customers, in the hope they will protect their teeth and gums as much as possible. Every time you attend a check-up, you'll earn 200 points.
  • Course participation. You don't need to participate in tiring sports to earn big points. Enrolling and attending courses on fitness or recovery from substance abuse can also earn points, as long as the courses are recognized by TK.


Why would you participate in this points accumulation scheme?

Simple. The Bonus Programme delivers rewards for earning points. This can be provided in cash form (€30 for the first 1,000 points, then €2.5 per 100 points). Or you can opt for free services like acupuncture or sports club memberships.

All of this makes the TK Bonus Programme an attractive feature for students and new arrivals. It helps to promote better health, and delivers discounts on gym membership and wellness services, making it easier to mix integration and good health.


Who can participate in the TK Bonus Programme?

There are no restrictions on participation in the TK Bonus Programme. As long as you are a policyholder with the company, you can apply and start earning points. This applies to all customers, including students and regular employees, and new arrivals can begin as soon as their TK health insurance has been approved.


Bonus Programme and TK Family Insurance

If you are applying for family insurance, your children can earn points while they play sport, earn swimming badges, and attend regular health check-ups. So it's a good service for families who have just moved to Germany.


How do I sign up to the TK Bonus Program?

Before you can begin earning points, you'll need to sign up for the TK Bonus Program

This can be done online, via your personal section (known as Meine TK). When you've entered your login details, you should see a section relating to the Bonus Programme. Fill out the forms there and TK will send you a booklet explaining how the system works.

Alternatively, TK customers can give the company a call at: 0800 285 85 85. Calls are free, but handlers may only speak German. For English speakers, using the online portal is probably a better bet. Everything is easy to understand, even if the pages are all in German.

If you want more information, head to the TK Bonus Program website or log into your Meine TK account and use the customer service tools to get in touch.

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