Working in Germany

Working in Germany

Working abroad is a dream for many people. Whether you are actually coming to Germany to work or only planning on doing so, the country offers great working opportunities with fair pay and high living standards.

Expatrio gathered the most important topics so you feel prepared to start this new journey. Read on to find out what our pages are all about.


Working in Germany

An overview about general employment in Germany, including tips on how to find a job in the country.

Job Application 

Find out all you need to know about the CV, cover letter and job interviews.

The Best Cities in Germany for Expats

Take a look at both big cities and underrated towns.

Starting a Business in Germany

How to start a business in Germany, including 10 valuable tips for doing business in Germany.

Types of Employment in Germany

Everything about employment in Germany, from types of working contracts, going through details about employees, internships and freelancers in Germany.

German Business Culture

Be prepared to start new endeavors in Germany with our overview about the German business culture.

Social Security & Taxes

Check out all the details about the German Social Security System as well as some information about Taxes in the country.

Recognition of Degrees in Germany

Our step by step for you to have your past professional and academic achievements recognized in Germany.

What to Do After Your Bachelor’s Degree in Germany

Dive into the article, and let us help you make the right choice.