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Best German Universities for Mechanical Engineering

Germany is one of the best places in the world to study mechanical engineering, and with over 220 universities of applied sciences, there’s plenty of choice too. Any German mechanical engineering degree will be viewed positively by a global employer, although some top universities in Germany are particularly well-regarded for this study area. We'll help you explore the possibilities of studying mechanical engineering in Germany, as well as giving information on some of the top institutes.

Study Mechanical Engineering in Germany

For every academic university in Germany there are two universities of applied sciences, sometimes called technical universities. As a result, Germany has a world-leading reputation for its mechanical engineering degrees, making it a popular choice for international students interested in this study path.

In fact, Germany is the second most popular place to study Mechanical Engineering in the world after the US. As well as the quality of the degrees, it's popular because there are no tuition fees in Germany.

There are hundreds of bachelor and master degrees available in mechanical engineering at German universities and most are German-taught though some are taught in English.

If you are undertaking a German-taught degree you will need to prove you have sufficient German language skills and may need to undertake a language course first.

Most mechanical engineering degrees do not have restricted admissions (such as aptitude tests), which means they are easier to be accepted onto than some more in-demand degrees, although you’ll need to prove you have a passion for the subject. Below is a list of engineering universities in Germany to consider.

Find out more about these university programs on our Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Germany pages.

Technical University Braunschweig

The Technical University Braunschweig was founded in 1745, making it the oldest technical university in Germany and one of the world’s oldest places to study engineering.

There are 20,000 students at the Technical University Braunschweig, 1 in 14 of which hail from abroad.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering offers a Bachelor’s in General Mechanical Engineering as well as Aerospace Engineering and Automotive Engineering. It also offers MScs in these same subjects.

All mechanical engineering courses begin in the Winter Semester. International students are advised to apply online by July the 15th.

Member of the TU9 Group

It is a member of the TU9 Group (a group of the leading nine technical universities in Germany). It is also considered one of the top universities for engineering according to Germany university ranking system CHE.

Brandenburg University of Technology

The Brandenburg University of Technology was founded in 1991, although it was a school of construction and engineering in the former GDR from 1954 until reunification.

It's home to over 8000 students, almost 2000 of which are international.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Energy Systems offers two mechanical engineering bachelors, one which is a three-year, research-based BSc and the other which is a three and a half year, applied-studies BEng. The faculty also offers a choice of research-based MSc or applied MEng in Mechanical Engineering.

All courses begin in the Winter Semester and application deadline for international students is the 15th of July.

Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg

Otto von Guericke is a small, young university; founded in 1993 with only 14,000 students, almost a fifth of which are international.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering offers a three-year BSc in Mechanical Engineering which starts in the winter semester and has a deadline for international applicants of the 15th of July.

Students can progress to a two-year MSc in Mechanical Engineering which starts in either the Summer (submission deadline 15th January) or Winter semester (submission deadline 15th July).

As a student of the university you can receive discounted tickets to Magdeburg's renowned handball and football teams.

Technical University Darmstadt

Founded in 1877, there are over 26,000 students at the Technical University Darmstadt.

The university is also a member of the TU9 network and even earned an endorsement from Albert Einstein.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a German-taught BSc in Mechanical and Process Engineering and a BSc in Applied Mechanics. Students can progress to an MSc in Mechanical and Process Engineering. Both are mostly German-taught but have some lectures delivered in English.

Advantages for International Students

Of the student body, 18% hail from abroad, well above the national average, making it one of the best universities in Germany for international students. This university is also member of the TU9 group and has some lectures taught in English.

Technical University Dresden - TUD

Founded as a training center for mechanical engineering and boat construction in 1821, TUD grew to offer a wider range of courses over the next 150 years until it gained the official title of Technical University in 1961.

Today the Technical University of Dresden is one of the TU9 group and also offers numerous distance learning opportunities.

Of over 32,000 students, 15% are international.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is the TUD’s largest, with almost 6000 students, offering a BSc and a German Diplom degree in Mechanical Engineering, with both courses available either on campus or in a distance learning format.

International students need to apply via the university’s International Office.

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