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About Germany

On About Germany, you will find stories about studying and working in Germany, as well as news about Expatrio and give you information about life in Germany.

two skilled workers working at a construction site in Germany

The New Skilled Immigration Act in Germany

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Visa Rejection Germany

Are you dreaming of sipping coffee in a cozy café and starting a new chapter working in Germany? Before you pack your bags, there's one major hurdle you'll need to overcome:..

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How to become a freelancer in Germany

Germany offers an attractive environment for freelancers, providing opportunities for both locals and expats. Freelancing in Germany allows you to enjoy the flexibility and..

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Family reunification in Germany: Step-by-step guide to the German Family Reunion Visa

Germany is a popular destination for many international students and professionals, and it's no surprise that they often wish to bring their families along. The German Family..

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Working time in Germany: Weekly limits, daily standards & legal framework

Planning to work in Germany? Whether you're considering a move or have already packed your bags, understanding the working hours and legal framework in Germany is key to a smooth..

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Study Economics in Germany

Economics is a cornerstone of a successful society. Whether it's the recent rise in inflation or the low supply of raw materials causing price spikes, economics is essential for..

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Study Cybersecurity in Germany

If you've always been the go-to tech support for your family, or if diving into technical problems and finding solutions feels rewarding to you, then studying Cybersecurity could..

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Funding your German Blocked Account in 2024: How much money do you need?

Dreaming of studying or working in Germany? You’re not alone. Germany is a top destination for international students and professionals, offering world-class education and many..

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Study Data Science in Germany

If there is one profession experiencing ever-growing demand in today’s landscape of startups and artificial intelligence, it is data science. For those who enjoy identifying..

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Study Hospitality Management in Germany

Are you thinking about diving into the world of hospitality management, and has Germany caught your eye? Whether you're dreaming of managing an artistic hotel in Berlin,..

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