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Study Nursing in Germany

Expatrio 2024-07-12
Nursing students in Germany


Are you thinking about a career in nursing? Germany can be a great place to start. With a stable education system, a well-organized healthcare sector, and top-tier medical technology, Germany has much to offer aspiring nurses. Whether you're just starting or looking to advance your education, studying Nursing in Germany could be a smart move.


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Why Study Nursing in Germany as an International Student?

Germany's reputation for quality education and healthcare makes it a great place to study Nursing. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Experiential Study: German Nursing programs teach students with practical examples, providing a hands-on experience from day one. 
  • Affordable costs: Many public universities in Germany charge low or no tuition fees for international students, making education more accessible.
  • Strong healthcare system: As a Nursing student, you'll train in one of the world's best healthcare systems, using cutting-edge technology and methods.
  • International environment: With students from around the globe, German universities provide an international setting that allows you to gain perspectives about different healthcare systems and cultures.
  • Career opportunities: After graduation, you’ll find numerous opportunities within the country, especially since there’s a high demand for Nursing graduates in both public and private healthcare facilities.

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Nursing Studies in Germany in English

German universities are actively working on accommodating international students by offering English nursing programs. While many Nursing courses are available in German, there has been an upward trend in English language programs.  This makes it possible for non-German speakers to get a Nursing education in Germany without a language barrier.

English-taught programs
Some universities offer these programs entirely in English, making them a great option for international students.

International collaboration
Many English-taught programs partner with hospitals and healthcare institutions around the world, giving you the chance to gain international experience and insights.

Language preparation
If you find a program you like but it’s primarily in German, many universities also offer preparatory language courses to help you reach the required proficiency.

Nursing studies in English can make the transition to living and studying in Germany easier, as many universities also offer German Language courses as part of their degrees.

Best Universities and Nursing Schools in Germany

  • Hof University


    Cross Cultural Nursing Practice

    M.Sc. | Master of Science

    Language: English

    4 Semesters No information Full-time
    Duration Tuition Fee Study Form
  • Private University of Witten Herdecke


    Nursing Science

    M.Sc. | Master of Science

    Language: English, German

    4 Semesters 4,962 EUR Full-time
    Duration Tuition Fee Study Form

Study in Germany: Nursing Course and Degrees

Unlike many other fields where theoretical knowledge is often taught separately from its practical application, Nursing students in Germany gain both theoretical and practical experience. This prepares them well for the demands of the healthcare profession from the moment they graduate.

Dual Vocational Training (Ausbildung) in Nursing

Dual Vocational Training combines classroom education with practical experience in healthcare settings. This is a popular option for students who want to enter a nursing profession with a strong practical foundation.

  • Duration: 3 years
  • Focus: Practical nursing skills, patient care, healthcare procedures
  • Career: Registered nurse, positions in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities

Bachelor's in Nursing

Another great option is getting a bachelor's degree in Nursing (often referred to as "Pflegewissenschaft" or "Pflege"). It is suitable for those who want to gain a more academic and theoretical understanding of nursing. 

  • Duration: 3 to 4 years
  • Focus: Nursing science, advanced patient care, healthcare management, research methods
  • Career: Advanced nursing roles, healthcare administration

Master's in Nursing

For those who already have a bachelor's degree in Nursing or a related field, pursuing a master's degree in Nursing in Germany offers opportunities for advanced education and specialization.

  • Duration: 2 years
  • Focus: Advanced clinical practice, nursing management, nursing education, research
  • Career: Specialized clinical roles, leadership, nurse educator or trainer, healthcare research

Nursing-Related Studies in Germany

Public Health

Germany has great public health programs that provide comprehensive training in health promotion, disease prevention, and health policy development. Public health degrees often include coursework and practical experiences that prepare students to address health issues on a population level. This involves developing policies and programs that promote public health and prevent disease.

  • Focus: Epidemiology, health promotion, public health policy, global health
  • Career: Public health nurse, health educator, epidemiologist, public health consultant

Healthcare Management

Healthcare management programs give students the skills they need to manage teams, resources, and processes to improve healthcare services. Nurses can move into leadership and administrative roles with this qualification.

  • Focus: Healthcare administration, management strategies, health economics, quality improvement
  • Career: Healthcare manager, hospital administrator, healthcare consultant, clinical director

Medical Informatics

Programs in medical informatics combine healthcare knowledge with IT skills, preparing graduates to implement and manage healthcare technologies that enhance patient care and data management.

  • Focus: Health information systems, data management, telemedicine, health IT solutions
  • Career: Health informatics specialist, clinical informaticist, IT manager in healthcare, telehealth coordinator


What are the language requirements to study Nursing in Germany for international students?

What are the visa requirements for students?

Can international students work in Germany post-graduation?

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