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Hochschule Fresenius is a private university of applied sciences and state-recognized by the Hessian Ministry of Higher Education, Research and the Arts. Hochschule Fresenius is divided into five faculties, including Chemistry & Biology, Health & Social Sciences, Economics & Media, Design, and Online Plus.

There are 120 Bachelor´s and Master´s programs offered. The degrees can be studied in 10 different locations, not only in Germany but also abroad. Locations in Germany and abroad: Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Idstein, Munich, Wiesbaden, and New York City. 


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Founded in 1848 by Carl Remigius Fresenius, and with its roots in the Fresenius Chemical Laboratory, Hochschule Fresenius, University of Applied Sciences can look back on an over 172-year-old tradition in privately funded education in Germany. This makes it the oldest educational chemistry institute of its kind. True to the intent of its founder, it combines teaching, research, and practical application. The name Fresenius stands for practically oriented teaching closely linked to applied research and development.

More about Hochschule Fresenius

Over the years, Hochschule Fresenius has continuously evolved its range of courses and its strategic directions, which involves a high focus on international students and a high international focus in general. Here, a variety of services are now being offered to international students (e.g. chatrooms with current students, new payment options, accommodations, visa support, student jobs). The university of applied sciences is actively involved in shaping tertiary education in Europe. The teaching, research, and practical application is interdisciplinary and team-oriented.

There is a great variety of both Bachelor's and Master's programs offered which can be studied in small classes at one of the locations or from distance with studies offered online. Students also have the flexibility to study either part- or full-time. There is currently one full-time Bachelor's degree offered in English, International Business Management, and six English-taught Master's programs: Bioanalytical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Analysis, Digital Management, Industrial Engineering and International Management, International Business Management, International Health Economics & Pharmacoeconomics, and International Tourism & Event Management.

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TK - Your health insurance partner at Hochschule Fresenius

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TK is one of Germany’s leading public health insurance providers. As a health insurance partner for Hochschule Fresenius, many students choose to be covered by TK during their studies. Health insurance is mandatory by law for all residents in Germany, including international students.

You will need to have your public healthcare cover organized before applying for your visa. At Expatrio, we partner with TK to help register international students for public healthcare cover, ensuring they can apply for their visa and are legally covered during their studies.

Students aged under 30 are entitled to a discounted student rate for health insurance. This is available at Expatrio through TK. Although TK offers the same basic cover as most public providers, it also offers English language support and registration as well as vaccination advice, dental hygiene cover, and well-being classes.

Everything you need for your student visa

Health Insurance

Everyone who comes to Germany for work or studies needs to register for health insurance.


You’ll need to prove you have the funds to cover living costs for one year or the duration of your stay.


You'll need to provide your high school diploma or equivalent.

Language Skills

Depending on whether you are doing a German or English-taught course you’ll need to prove you have a grasp of the language.


You’ll need to provide proof of acceptance onto your university course.

Visa paperwork

You'll need: passport, biometric photo, certificate of enrollment, proof of: finances, health insurance, and residence; plus the visa application filled out.

Studying at Hochschule Fresenius

Students who choose to study at Hochschule Fresenius enjoy excellent student life in an exciting city.

There are many reasons to choose to study at Hochschule Fresenius; namely that it has a strong international presence and is an incentive to different cultural practices. There are also many reasons to choose to study in Germany itself, including the lack of tuition fees, a high standard of living, and relatively low living costs.

Before embarking on a degree course, many international students need to apply for a Student Visa. There are many requirements when it comes to applying for this, including healthcare cover, proof of living funds, and proof of acceptance onto the course.

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Blocked Account
A Blocked Account is the easiest way to prove you have sufficient funds to cover your living costs during your time in Germany. At Expatrio, we offer a federal-approved Blocked Account which can be set up online from your home country before applying for your visa. Remember that the proof of funds for living costs is essential for a German student visa.

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At Expatrio, we offer Incoming Insurance as part of our Value Package and Health Insurance Plus. We partner with a highly recommended provider that has over 60 years’ experience in covering global mobility. This insurance covers you for the first days or weeks of living in Germany, meaning the time between your arrival and the start of your course. The Incoming Insurance is not only mandatory for your visa application, but also necessary, because your public healthcare cover will only start from your first day of enrollment or work.

Health Insurance
Private or Public Health Insurance cover is absolutely essential for every type of visa and for any resident in Germany. At Expatrio, we can help students aged under 30 to register for Public Health Insurance at the discounted student rate. We partner with TK (Techniker Krankenkasse), the biggest and one of the most popular public health funds in Germany. We also offer Private Health Insurance options if applicable to the individual situation.

Current Account
You will also need to set up a German Current Account; you do not need this in order to get your visa but it is much easier to have this completed prior to your arrival in Germany. Once set-up, you can arrange for monthly living costs to be transferred from your Blocked Account to your Current Account each month. At Expatrio setting up your current account comes optionally with the Blocked Account, but can also be opened stand-alone.

We can arrange your ISIC card: an international student identity card that gives you access to 150,000 discounts in over 130 countries. Many of these discounts are on leisure, food, and travel. The card is also a useful proof of ID and of student status. A virtual card can also be used in conjunction with the ISIC App. Again, this card is low in cost or even free as part of our Value Package.

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