Apply to German study programs with Expatrio’s placement tools

The extra support you were looking for to study in Germany. Check if you are eligible for studying in Germany, find your perfect course, and apply to a German university.

We are glad to announce that we have just taken an extra step to become the best solution for international students in Germany. Now you can also count on Expatrio at the beginning of your study journey. Our new student placement service covers you from discovering if you are eligible to study in Germany up to getting accepted at a German university.

Start by using Expatrio Study Eligibility Checker to find out if you can directly apply for a German higher education institution or if you will need to go through a preparatory course (Studienkolleg) before starting your university studies. You can quickly enter your personal details on our Checker and find out your eligibility status

After checking whether you need to apply for a Studienkolleg or if you can go directly to a German university, we help you to find your perfect match. On Expatrio Study Finder, you can look for university programs and preparatory courses (Studienkolleg). Search by city, major, or field of study, and find your dream study program in Germany.

If you are not looking for a higher education course, we have also got you covered. On our Study Finder, you can search for language courses all over Germany. You can come to Germany to learn German, or you can find the best language school in your city with our tool.

After you have checked your eligibility and found the perfect university and program, we help you to take a step further in your journey. Our Application Assistant supports you when applying for your chosen German university. It is pretty simple to get started:

  1. Click on the Apply button you’ll find on our Study Finder
  2. Register or login to our User Portal
  3. Go to the left-side menu and find Application Assistant under Studying
  4. Fill in your applicant information and educational history
  5. Select your university and the chosen course on the catalog
  6. Upload your required documents

With our Application Assistant, you can create, track, and manage your applications. And the good news is that the first fifty applications are entirely free! At this initial stage, we will be offering assistance only for English-taught university programs.

Learn more about the application process to study in Germany on our dedicated page. We also give you valuable tips on how to write a great motivation letter and how to secure your recommendation letters for your university application.

With Expatrio’s support, you are prepared for your next chapter in Germany, be it in a preparatory course, university program, or language school. From finding out your perfect study program match, going through opening your blocked account for your German visa, and finally landing a job in the country, we have got your back before, during, and after your studies!

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Search by city, major, or field of study, and find your dream study program in Germany.

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