A manufacturing hub located in the Swabian region

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A manufacturing hub located in the Swabian region

The capital of the German state of Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart is also the sixth largest city in the country. Stuttgart is a major manufacturing hub in Germany and it is known for its extensive history in the automotive industry, as Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz were born in the city neighborhood.

Located in the Swabian region, or Schwabenland, Stuttgart is the main city for the area, which is famous for its dialect and distinctive cuisine.

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Festivals per year
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More than 628,000 people call Stuttgart home. The city has international residents coming from 177 different nations. There is a lot of options for social life in Stuttgart. The city offers 37 museums and galleries and around 190 cultural festivals per year. Stuttgart main landmark is the television tower, or Fernsehturm, which was the world’s first of its kind. The tower is 217m tall and people can see it from all over the city. The city’ students can benefit from the 19 universities and universities of applied sciences in Stuttgart.

Studying and Working in Stuttgart

The manufacturing industry plays a major role in the Stuttgart’s higher education institutions and job market. Although there are several universities in the city offering a wide range of study programs, the focus is usually on engineering courses related to the needs of the regional economy. Regarding work opportunities, it is no surprise that the automotive and manufacturing industry offers several job positions in Stuttgart. However, the city also employs people in the culture sector. A study held by the Berenberg Bank and the Hamburgischen Weltwirtschaftsinstituts (HWWI) pointed out that 7.6% of employed people in Stuttgart works for the sector. Moreover, the study also found out that Stuttgart is the number one city when referring to offer and demand for culture in Germany.

Castle in Stuttgart

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