A major port city in northern Germany



A major port city in northern Germany

Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany, also owns the second largest harbor in Europe. The ‘gateway to the world’, as the city is known, refers to its port which connected Germany to the globe through trading routes. Water is all over the city landscape. Located on the river Elbe and between the North and Baltic seas, Hamburg has yet another two rivers: Alster and Bille, a lake in the city center, several channels and numerous bridges.

As a cosmopolitan city, Hamburg offers high standards of life with lots of options for leisure, shopping and restaurants.

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Music venues

With more than 1.8 million inhabitants, Hamburg is also home to 75,000 students that are enrolled in one of the 20 universities available in the city. Residents and tourists are never bored at the city as they can enjoy several leisure and shopping options in addition to the regional cuisine, which presents seafood dishes. Thus, social life can be intense in Hamburg as the city presents 50 museums, 45 theaters and about 100 music venues.

Studying and Working in Hamburg

As a cosmopolitan city, you will be able to know people from all around the globe in Hamburg. And that statement is true for students too: 10,000 of the 75,000 students at the city are international. Hamburg offers several opportunities for study and it is the home of one of the largest universities in Germany, Universität Hamburg, which is responsible for more than half of the students' population there.

As for working opportunities in Hamburg, the city's economy revolves around the port. Thus, shipping and logistics industries are the main ones. Moreover, there are several job opportunities indirectly related to the harbor, like the ones in the cultural scene. 
Quality of life is high in Hamburg as it is the cost of living when compared to other cities in Germany. Although if you are used to larger cities in Europe, you will find out that Hamburg can be quite less expensive than other major European cities.

Speicherstadt in Hamburg, Germany.

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