An industrial hub that's home to a legendary soccer team

Dortmund, City in Germany, Ruhrgebiet


An industrial hub that's home to a legendary soccer team

Home to almost 600,000 people, Dortmund is a sophisticated city in North Rhine-Westphalia, with a glittering industrial past, and a forward-thinking outlook.

Part of the massive Ruhr conurbation, the city is known worldwide for its soccer team Borussia Dortmund - winner of 8 national championships and one Champions League trophy. It is also known for its innovative laboratories and factories and its history of technological development.

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Music Venues

Dortmund has just under 600,000 inhabitants, 10% of which are university students. The city is a hub for industrial education (especially via the Technical University), and its museums reflect this emphasis on industry and invention - including highlights like the Zollern Colliery and Dortmund U. There are also gardens, medieval churches, and plenty of restaurants and music venues to discover.

Studying and Working in Dortmund

Dortmund offers everything students could desire. It's a historical city, with architecture dating back 1,000 years. It's also a destination for sports fans, with an elite team in an awe-inspiring stadium. And it's an educational nexus, with high-level universities in a region that's among the world's most productive and innovative.

Technical University (TU Dortmund University) and the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts are the largest institutions, but there are specialized universities dedicated to physiology and archaeology as well. TU is a gateway for international students to work with robotics pioneers, transportation manufacturers, or financial companies. Most courses are taught in German, but support is provided for those who haven't reached the required level. It all adds up to a dynamic city that mixes professional opportunity, culture, and social activities in a very attractive package.

Architecture in Dortmund, Ruhrgebiet.

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