Cologne Cathedral and Carnival are typical of the city

Cologne cathedral


Cologne Cathedral and Carnival are typical of the city

Cologne, or Köln in German, is the largest city in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the fourth largest in Germany. The city is home to the Cologne Cathedral. Recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site, the impressive Gothic construction is the most visited monument in the country. Cologne is also famous for its Carnival celebration, which happens around February and March, and for its beer, Kölsch.
As one of the oldest cities in Germany, Cologne offers residents and visitors several leisure activities and study and work opportunities. 

More about Cologne


With more than 2,000 years of history, Cologne's foundation dates back to the Roman times. Since then, the city evolved from a Roman village called "Colonia" to one of the largest cities in Germany with just over 1 million inhabitants. The city offers several opportunities for its residents and visitors. Cologne’s more than 80,000 students are enrolled in one of the eight universities in the city and will later on be able to join the workforce in industry-related businesses.

Studying and Working in Cologne

Cologne is located in the Rhine-Ruhr region, one of Europe’s largest metropolitan areas. This means that the city offers a wide range of opportunities for students and job-seekers. In the academic field, students will be able to find universities and universities of applied sciences in Cologne. The city is home to the University of Cologne (or Universität zu Köln), which is considered one of the top 20 universities in Germany according to the QS World University Rankings. 

The city is considered the fifth-largest industrial region in Germany and thus a center for trade, hosting several international trade fairs. The majority of employees in Cologne work in the manufacturing industry. The automotive and chemical sectors are well-established business areas, while there is a booming biotechnology field in the city. Moreover, there is a strong job offer in retail and media businesses in Cologne.

Cologne cathedral, germany

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