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Expatrio 2024-02-15
Steinerne Brücke in Regensburg


Regensburg is both old and new

The motto credited to monk Otloh, who lived in Regensburg in the 11th century, is still very much truth to the city. Located at the northernmost part of the Danube river and in the German state of Bavaria, Regensburg is known for its historical city center.

This popular tourist destination gained the status of World Heritage site by UNESCO, as it is recognized to be "the only authentically preserved large medieval city in Germany". Regensburg also provides several cultural and social activities for its residents and visitors.

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Originally a Celtic settlement, Regensburg was officially founded in 179 by the Romans and it has always been an important location throughout history. Regensburg was not severely damaged during World War II, which makes up for the fact that the city has just over 980 buildings protected as UNESCO’s World Heritage. However, Regensburg is not only about medieval history, it is a modern city encouraging innovation among its more than 145,000 residents. Regensburg also has three universities which offer a wide range of study programs for the 32,000 students living there.

Studying and Working in Regensburg

Regensburg’s innovation-oriented economy contrasts with its medieval architecture. The city is the third largest information technology hub in Bavaria, hosting 1,000 companies and employing more than 20,000 people. Other relevant fields in Regensburg are biotechnology, logistics, engineering and the creative industry, which generates around 11% of the economic output in the city. The three universities in Regensburg power the city’s workforce with a wide range of study programs. OTH Regensburg is the main institution for studying and researching technology-related subjects, while University of Regensburg offers courses in law, health and natural sciences and other fields. HfKM Regensburg focuses on music programmes.

As a worldwide known tourist location, Regensburg also attracts international students and workers who can benefit from the wide network of researchers and people working in the technology and management fields that the city provides.

Blick auf die Stadt Regensburg

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Steinerne Brücke in Regensburg


Regensburg is both old and new The motto credited to monk Otloh, who lived in Regensburg in the 11th century, is still very much truth to the city....

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