A green city rich in culture and modern life

Bremen Oldtown


A green city rich in culture and modern life

Known as the greenest city in Germany, Bremen is a vibrant place with plenty on offer yet retains natural features beautifully. Bremen is the largest city in the state of Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. The city is known for its combination of old-world charm and modern innovation.

More about Bremen

Universities and colleges
Industrial companies
Aerospace companies

With over half a million residents, the majority of people in this German state live in Bremen. There are eight colleges and universities with a total of around 37,000 students. Approximately 1,300 industrial and maritime companies are based in Bremen. The city has 25 museums, a buzzing nightlife, and plenty of sights to see.

Studying and Living in Bremen

The University of Bremen, the predominantly English-language Jacobs University, and the University of Applied Sciences Bremen are among the top universities in the city. The city has a strong student base and life, with affordable accommodation options and events throughout the year. There are hundreds of degree courses on offer including those in the fields of arts, public administration, and applied sciences.

With a focus on industry, maritime, and manufacturing, the area has a healthy job market in various sectors. Bremen has the highest export ratio of all of the states in Germany. Big-name brands based in Bremen include Mercedes-Benz, Beck's Beer, and the Airbus Group. Bremen companies employ around 12,000 people in the aerospace sector, the highest proportion in Germany.

Oldtown Details in Bremen

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