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Studying in Germany

Germany offers a wide range of study options for international scholars. From language courses to PhDs, there are several study programs sure to suit all your professional ambitions.

Expatrio is here to help you with information you may need to pursue your education in Germany. Read on to find out what our pages are all about.



There are over 400 universities in Germany, and they have a diverse selection of degree programs at all levels. You may study anything from business to engineering to fashion design on this page. The process of applying to a German university may differ from what you're used to. Find out more about the different universities, the application procedure, and what documents you may need.

Free studies in Germany

eBook for International students- Do you want to study in Germany but aren't sure where to begin? This eBook is for you if that's the case! It goes through all of the necessary topics regarding studying in Germany, including how to get free education in Germany and how to save money as a student.

Studying in Germany

General information about studying in Germany for different student types.

German Education System

All you need to know about how the education system in Germany functions.

Germany vs. other study destinations

On this page, you will find The Ultimate Guides comparing why you have to choose Germany as a high education destination over other countries. 

Application Process to Study in Germany

For university students wishing to know more about the German university application process.

Financing your Studies in Germany

Your finance possibilities to become an international student in Germany.

German Degrees

All you need to know about several types of German degrees, from Studienkolleg to PhD.

The Best Universities in Germany

Lists with the best study programs in Germany per field.

How to Decide on a University Course

Tips for International Students

Public vs. Private Universities in Germany

A Comparison between public and private universities in Germany, including tuition fees, admission requirements, application deadlines, number of programs, and teacher-student ratio.