An economic hub with scenic views of the Alps

Ravensburg city, Germany


An economic hub with scenic views of the Alps

Ravensburg in the state of Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany is close to the Alps and the borders with Switzerland and Austria. A popular holiday destination, thanks to the Alpine scenery, Ravensburg is full of sights, too. Known as the city of towers and gates, Ravensburg features 17 structures from various centuries, showcasing a range of different architectures.

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International residents

The city of 50,000 is multicultural with residents from other countries making up around 10% of the population. There are two universities, specializing in Applied Sciences and Design, with a total of 4,000 students between them. Ravensburg has four museums which include information about the history of the city and surrounding areas.

Studying and Working in Ravensburg

The University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg-Weingarten focuses on courses in Technology, Engineering, and Social Work. The School of Design (the Free Art School) runs courses on Information Design, intended to encourage creativity while educating on information management and communication media. In Ravensburg and neighboring Weingarten there is a strong student community and fun nightlife.

The Ravensburg area has retained its manufacturing past, with companies now producing pharmaceutical products, tools, and solar power systems, among others. The healthy job market has recently been boosted by 1,000 jobs year-on-year due to innovative small and medium companies starting up. The city has a large number of shopping venues and business parks which add to the economy significantly.

Oldtown, Ravensburg

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