Mixing Baroque splendor with poetry, film, and endless commercial vitality

Castle in Ludwigsburg


Mixing Baroque splendor with poetry, film, and endless commercial vitality

Located in the state of Baden Württemberg, Ludwigsburg is many things – a commercial center which lets small businesses grow; an academic hub with specialties in training educators, film-makers, and scientists; and a historic seat of princes, with beautiful architecture to match. Blending the past and the future in a seamless whole, it's a place to study, relax, and prosper.

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Ludwigsburg is a regional center with 91,000 inhabitants and a significant student population spread across four very different universities. Boasting one of Europe's premier film schools and universities for training teachers, civil servants, and performing artists, the city supports more arts venues than many similar in size. And, its vitality extends to the economy as well, with a huge array of local business successes.

Studying and Working in Ludwigsburg

Situated a few miles north of Stuttgart in the state of Baden Württemberg, Ludwigsburg could easily be mistaken for a suburb. But, it's a lot more than that. For starters, this Swabian town is historically important, having been home to the Dukes of Württemberg for centuries. The splendid Ludwigsburg Palace shows how wealthy they once were.

Nowadays, the town is predominantly famous for education. It hosts four specialist universities, the largest of which being the Pädagogische Hochschule (Ludwigsburg University of Education), which is joined with the University of Applied Sciences (focusing on civil servants) as well as a hugely prestigious film school and a performing arts academy. Most cater to international students, offering a host of exchange programs abroad. However, to study at the teacher training college, applicants will need excellent German (up to around TestDaF-4).

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