Home to Germany’s oldest university

Heidelberg, beautiful city in Germany


Home to Germany’s oldest university

Heidelberg is the fifth-largest city in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg in Southwest Germany. Thanks to its 600-year-old university, the city is a well-established hub for both the Sciences and the Arts and is a designated UNESCO City of Literature. The well-preserved Old Town is considered one of the prettiest in Germany. The modern city was founded in the 5th century AD, although people have lived in the area for  several years before that.

More about Heidelberg

1 in 5 residents
108.83 km²

This small city is home to just under 160,000 residents, 1 in 5 of which are students at Heidelberg University. The city is divided into 12 districts and has an area of 108.83 km².

Studying and Working in Heidelberg

Students choosing to study at Heidelberg University become part of a history that stretches back to 1386. This large, highly ranked public university is spread across three main campuses and is noted for its programs in law, social sciences, natural sciences and the humanities. Numerous research facilities are based in Heidelberg including four Max Planck institutes.

The city has a high employment rate and there are plenty of opportunities for work after studying. Unlike many other southern German cities, industrial jobs account for less than 20% of all employment, however the city’s major industrial sectors include printing, publishing, IT and cement. The biggest employer is the university itself.

Heidelberg Germany

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