Germany's capital is full of history and culture

Berliner Dom


Germany's capital is full of history and culture

Berlin, the German capital, is known for its many historical places, cultural attractions and unique atmosphere. Located by the river Spree, the city is home to 3.5 million people, being half a million foreigners from 185 different nationalities. 

While life there can be fast-paced due to the amount of new things happening all the time, it can also be relaxed, as the city presents lots of green areas enabling people to enjoy parks and open-air spaces. 

Fun facts about Berlin

Rainy days
Döner per day
Currywurst per year

You will never get bored or hungry in Berlin! Although the city records an average of 106 rainy days, there are 180 museums, meaning you can visit a different museum for each day that’s raining. If get hungry, you can get yourself a döner or a currywurst. An average of 950 döner sandwiches are sold every day in Berlin, while about 70 million currywurst snacks are consumed in a year basis. If it’s late and you want something to drink or munch on, you will be able to find it in one of the 1000 Spätis, or late night stores, in the city.

Studying and Working in Berlin

With major political changes in the last 150 years, in Berlin you are able to experience the mixture between history and modern times not only through museums, but also in the city streets. The German capital is considered a ‘not-so-expensive’ city and although rent prices have been rising, it is still cheaper to live there when compared to other major German cities like Munich.

With more than 50 higher education institutions, Berlin offers several academic opportunities for its 200,000 students, of which 15% are from all around the globe. The city is not only a great place to study, but the its high rate of young residents enabled a booming of new companies, placing Berlin at the center of the startup scene in Germany. 

In Berlin you will find the perfect environment to meet new people, study, begin a new job or start a business. 

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