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Reasons Why You Should Study Your MBA in Germany

Thinking about enrolling in an MBA? We listed the top 8 benefits that make studying for your MBA degree in Germany worth it.

When an average person hears about studying in Germany, the first thing that comes to mind relates either to the engineering or automotive industry because Germans love being accurate and keeping things precise. Nevertheless, earning your MBA degree can be quite challenging in the United States or the United Kingdom because of the costs and passing through the admission committee.

In other words, the competition in Western countries often becomes too high. It is a known fact that the majority of German educational institutions provide numerous benefits for international students, which includes learning in English and a clear admission process for students outside the EU (Feststellungsprufung). Passing the Studienkolleg preparatory course, you will learn more about the admission process and increase your chances.

The best part about it is that you can study in English without even having to learn German! Of course, basic language skills will help you, yet it is not an obligatory requirement. 

Here are some reasons that make studying for your MBA degree in Germany worth it: 

1. Your Tuition Fees Are Lower

Public Higher Education in Germany is offered free of charge, yet the best MBA schools are private and require relevant payments. Still, they are way less expensive if we compare them to American or English schools. If we take an example of tuition at the University of Oxford, you will have to pay about $85,000. Turning to one of the best MBA schools (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management), your costs will be around $47,000, which is more affordable and won’t break the bank even with all the traveling expenses. 

2. One of The Best MBA Courses & Tuition

If you are uncertain about studying in Germany, consider checking the world's MBA rankings to learn that German MBA schools are always met among the world's best 100 schools to earn one's MBA degree. For example, you can check the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, which is believed to be one of the best, yet it is easier to get into compared to Harvard Business School.

Next, you must consider checking Mannheim Business School, WHU (Otto Beisheim), ESMT Berlin, EU Business School, and HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, which also provides numerous English courses. Speaking of tuition, you will encounter one of the best European and world's instructors. 

3. You Can Learn in English

While it is not widely known and advertised per se, you can study in English without facing any challenges since your study materials and courses will be English only. Alternatively, if English is not your native language, and you would like to receive some help or boost your MBA ideas, check some free English essay samples. It can help you learn more about various ideas or subjects related to MBA or any other subject. 

4. Innovative Technologies

What makes Germany special is the focus on innovative technologies, which means that you will always access the latest case studies and analytical data, helping you stay up-to-date with the latest events. Your curriculum will never feel old and outdated because both print and online materials are constantly updated. Your lecturers will always talk to you about the issues relevant to the latest events. You will learn more about German logic, strategic thinking, and business initiatives specific to the European business environment. 

5. A Chance to Learn in German as a Second Language

You can study in German as well and do your best to start with the best language course support, which will improve your career options and income. Thankfully, Germany offers both free and commercial language courses that are one of the best in the world because Germany is well-known for its precise attitude to learning a foreign language. Almost every college or university that you will enter may offer you a special language course, which will be MBA-focused once you learn the basics.

6. Unique MBA Scholarship funded by the EU

As an international student, you have a right to receive additional financial help by applying for a scholarship. You can encounter hundreds of scholarships offered by the German government and those options that the EU officials fund if you offer some research or represent the bright student. Some private scholarships include the HHL MBA Global Diversity Scholarship, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management Award, Full-Time MBA Young Leader Scholarship, or Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship. Do not forget that your school will have a personal plan that you should consider. 

7. The Career Boost

Most importantly, studying your MBA in Germany is a career boost since you can pass an internship at one of the world’s top companies in Frankfurt, Berlin, or any other location. Just think of Adidas, Bosch, European Central Bank, Porsche, or Volkswagen. The Germans are always helpful in terms of assisting you with a career, which is why being a student in Germany is not the same as trying to find some career bonds after graduation in the United States. 

8. A Competitive International Experience

Remember that studying in Germany will boost your resume and will increase your chances of getting employed. You will not only earn a diploma after graduation but will learn more about the different parts of the world and will cooperate with the best financial and management specialists. After all, the German student community is one of the best, both locally and internationally, which is something you will appreciate for a long time after. You will meet new friends and establish business contacts, which is important not only in Germany but also in the MBA community worldwide. 

Learning the German Culture

If you want to learn more about the European culture and the reasons why German quality and business strategies are among the top in the world, you should take time to learn about German traditions and the ways how people exchange their ideas. While it may seem a bit complex if you do not know the language, most Germans will happily talk to you in English and explain things that you do not know. Just show respect, stay patient, and listen to the locals. Stay friendly, share your skills, learn, be accurate, meet the deadlines, and you will achieve success!

About the author: Marques Coleman

As an entrepreneur and an online editor at several media outlets, Marques uses his vast international learning experience to share his knowledge and skills. He believes that the mixture of cultural traits and being able to listen helps to achieve success anywhere. Follow Marques to find inspiration and boost your creativity as you learn to think outside the box.