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Expatrio 2024-02-15
Blick auf die Stadt Witten


A picturesque university city surrounded by nature

Witten is a university city in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Witten-Herdecke University was the first private university in Germany. A relatively calm city within close reach of lively Dortmund, Essen, and Bochum, Witten is a place to relax. With architecture dating back to the Middle Ages, art, and cultural events, as well as scenic forests and rivers, the area is a pleasure to explore.

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Research Centers


Witten has a population of around 99,000 and a private university which is consistently placed in the top ten rankings in Germany. A small student population of approximately 1,300 creates a close-knit community in the university. Two research centers, including the recently-built dental-biosciences center, have encouraged Witten to become a hub for science and technology. The city is being developed using a sustainable method.

Studying and Working in Witten

Witten-Herdecke University has faculties of Health, Management and Economics, and Humanities and Arts. The university funds research projects in various fields across all faculties. Students from all over the world are welcomed to the university, and German students are encouraged to study abroad, too.

Many of the jobs available in Witten revolve around heavy industry. Steel manufacture, metalwork, and electrical engineering are among the industries in operation in the city, along with many varied commercial ventures. Science and technology-related companies and jobs are always increasing in numbers thanks to the research work done at the university.

Blick auf die Ruhr bei Witten

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