Nuremberg & Erlangen

Bavaria's second city was once home to emperors


Nuremberg & Erlangen

Bavaria's second city was once home to emperors

For hundreds of years, the city of Nuremberg was the favorite home of Holy Roman Emperors, where they ruled huge swathes of the European continent.

Even now, the city center is blessed with stunning medieval architecture. But time didn't stand still. As time passed, the city developed into a thriving industrial hub, and now a high-tech research nexus.

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Nuremberg and Erlangen form a metropolitan area with over 600,000 inhabitants, including well over 60,000 students (and plenty of international residents). A busy, prosperous region, it hosts a huge array of museums and attractions, from the famous Parade Grounds to Albrecht Durer's house.

Working and Studying in Nuremberg & Erlangen

Nuremberg is the second-largest city in Bavaria, while Erlangen is a smaller city just to the north that hosts the area's premier university: the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU). FAU is part of the German state's Excellence Initiative, putting it in the top rank of German universities. It specializes in engineering and natural sciences, feeding a stream of graduates to Bavaria's medical and industrial sectors.

The Nuremberg Technical University is also based in Nuremberg. Smaller than FAU, it is highly vocational, focusing on business, applied sciences, and administration. Both universities benefit from Nuremberg's fine dining, beautiful parks and proximity to Munich. Both offer excellent routes into high-tech industry.

Nuremberg, Oldtown, Germany

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