The Bavarian capital is so much more than Oktoberfest


The Bavarian capital is so much more than Oktoberfest

Munich was rated the world’s most livable city by the 2018 Mercer Study. It’s hugely popular with expatriates and international students who flock to the city for its friendliness, high standard of living, nightlife, quirky culture, rich history, and excellent public transport system.

Fun Facts about Munich

Sun hours per day
Beer Gardens
Brew beer companies
Pretzels per year

Munich is Germany’s second biggest city, home to around 1.5 million people. It's hugely popular with expatriates, with over a third of all residents in the city having been born outside of Germany. Munich has a vast student population. There are over 180,000 students in total. The biggest university is The Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU), often considered the best university in Germany. Munich is also home to some of Germany’s greatest museums and galleries. This includes the Deutsches Museum, the world’s largest museum of technology and science, and the BMW Museum. The city is also the home of the Alte Pinakothek art museum, one of the oldest in the world and home to a significant collection of works of the Old Masters.

Studying and Working in Munich

The beating heart of Bavaria and Germany’s third biggest city, more and more foreign students are choosing Munich as the place to undertake a university degree or a place to live and work. With a wide choice of universities including applied sciences and art colleges, there’s a vibrant student culture throughout the city. The standard of living is high in Munich, and with that comes higher-than-average living costs, but for students who can enjoy student accommodation rates and take advantage of student discounts, it's still comparable with much of Germany. A famed beer culture and Oktoberfest are both predictable reasons why students choose to make Munich home. But it’s also thriving in terms of culture: a place where tradition and modernity sit side by side. In Munich, modern art and youth music are fused with traditional architecture and fine art galleries. Munich also boasts a buzzing nightlife that includes everything from traditional beer halls and Biergärten to globally renowned nightclubs such as Harry Klein.

German bureaucracy

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