Great weather in this Black Forest town

Offenburg, Baden Württemberg


Great weather in this Black Forest town

Offenburg is a charming town in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. The town is located near the French border in the Ortenau region, which is known as the "gateway to the Black Forest". Offenburg is famous for its good weather and wine production, as it is one largest winegrowing communities in the state. 
The town's history dates back to Roman times, but it was only officially founded in 1240 when Frederick II transformed it into a free imperial town, a trait that the Offenburg still cherishes today.

More about Offenburg

Business locations

With around 60,000 residents, being 4,500 of those students and 50,000 employees, Offenburg is the largest city in Ortenau region and also a major business center for the area. The city presents 2,000 business locations and is a dynamic economic and trade center.

Studying and Working in Offenburg

Offenburg is a peaceful town, wine destination and also a shopping center for the region. The town offers high quality of life standards and several leisure activities. Residents and tourists benefit from a wide range of festivals in the town happening throughout the year. The main festivities happen during Carnival and Christmas, with one of the main Christmas markets in Germany.

Students also have the possibility to engage in sports activities, university events, advisory services and study projects offered at Hochschule Offenburg. As for the job market, Offenburg presents mainly medium-sized businesses in media, construction and engineering fields. The latter is focused on electrical and electronics, communications and mechanical engineering.

Steam Locomotive in Offenburg

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