Technology Saving Lives

Expatrio supports #GesundZusammen. We truly believe that technology is a great asset to help defeat COVID-19. 

What is GesundZusammen about?

Facing the challenge which 2020 brought into the lives of everyone, we have decided that it is important, as never before, to support the initiatives involving technology as a tool to fight the disease. Therefore, Expatrio supports GesundZusammen initiative.

GesundZusammen, the acceleration program initiated by Expatrio’s partners Tech Open Air Berlin, Wefox Group and Finleap, is meant to help promising digital solutions grow and help society, politics, and businesses to contain COVID-19. Apart from Expatrio, the accelerator is supported by leading tech-ecosystem players such as N26, DeliveryHero, Getyourguide, BCG Digital Ventures and many institutions including Bundesverband Deutsche Startups e.V., the governmental initiative “Deutschland Land der Ideen” and the non-profit organization DeGiS - Deutsche Gesellschaft internationale Studierender.

How is Expatrio supporting the initiative?

Expatrio not only supports the initiative on a conceptual level, but we will also accompany the winning projects with our experience in accelerating ideas to a maturity level. To get the best solutions that are so desperately needed, we have been in touch with leading universities and research institutions in Germany to spread the word about the GesundZusammen initiative. Among Expatrio's customers, you are able to find a lot of students and scholars who could become valuable contributors to the initiative. Therefore, we found it essential to connect international talents with local opportunities.

Furthermore, DeGiS, the network co-founded by Expatrio, offers an additional scholarship for any of DeGiS’ scholars, who wins a spot in the GesundZusammen Accelerator. The financial support is meant to relieve the student and enable the focus on the acceleration project for the good of us all.

Expatrio stands up for the rights of international students during these difficult times. Our engagement includes the support of the initiative “Solidarsemester”, especially in terms of an unbureaucratic financial emergency aid for international students, the temporary suspension of the blocked account for students being in Germany with an existing residence permit (§ 5 Abs. 1, Satz 1, 1. AufenthG) and the possibility of a deferment for governmental health insurance premiums.

Program requirements and benefits 

No matter your background, team size or product stage, we are inviting you to apply, if you are developing a digital tool which is meant to help:

  • Protect people's freedom and personal rights, even in times of crisis
  • Relieve the burden on healthcare systems, and better protect risk groups 
  • Boost economic activity in industries affected by the crisis

 The chosen projects will get:

  • €20,000 of equity-free capital (no strings attached)
  • Free resources (products & services) from the partners involved
  • 6 weeks of acceleration to develop your product, build partnerships and acquire customers & financing through access to the network
  • Access to mentors and experts for best-in-industry coaching

The application deadline is extended until April 17th, 2020. Apply here!

We are looking forward to you applying and accelerating the growth of your idea while helping the world become a better place in times of crisis.