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All you need to know about Expatrio agent, VFS Global


As the world’s leading outsourcing and technology service specialist, VFS Global embraces technological innovation, including Generative AI, to support governments and diplomatic missions worldwide. The company manages non-judgmental and administrative tasks related to applications for visa, passport, and consular services for its governments, increasing productivity and enabling them to focus entirely on the critical task of assessment.

With a responsible approach to technology development, adoption and integration, the company prioritizes ethical practices and sustainability while serving as a trusted partner to 67 governments.

Operating 3388 Application Centres in 151 countries, VFS Global has efficiently processed more than 282 million applications since 2001 and over 132.56 million biometric enrolments since 2007.

Headquartered in Zurich and Dubai and backed by majority shareholder Blackstone, along with the Swiss-based Kuoni and Hugentobler Foundation and EQT, VFS Global is committed to creating value for all stakeholders and leading in responsible, innovative solutions making government services more effective and efficient.

Leveraging robust experience in the visa application processing domain and an extensive global network, the company provides governments with holistic administrative solutions for processing Passport applications and provision of efficient consular services as a market leader in the outsourced visa and consular services space for governments. This enables VFS Global’s governments to better achieve their key objectives of streamlining operations, accelerating decision making and improving customer satisfaction.

As a trusted partner to governments, VFS Global’s role is limited to front-end administrative tasks only, which include collecting visa application forms, required documentation as per the respective government’s checklist, and enrol biometrics, where applicable.

VFS Global does not control appointment availability nor has any role in determining the documentation required in the visa process. The availability of visa appointments, mandatory documentation, and visa application decisions are entirely at the discretion of the respective governments. Processing times are also under their control. VFS Global has no role whatsoever.

More about VFS Global

VFS Global offers more efficient and customised services to help our clients to reduce process complexity, minimise cost, achieve desired output, enhance customer experience and formulate business strategies.

They follow a methodical and stepwise approach in counselling sessions to help students in selecting the country, university and program best suiting their educational background and career aspirations. 

The company offer following services to potential students: 

  • Visa at your Doorstep
  • Mobile Visa Application Center
  • Admission & Application assistance 
  • Verification Services
  • Attestation Services 
  • Migration Services
  • Identity Services 
  • Passport and Consular Services
  • E-Visa Solutions 
  • Form-Filing Assistance Services
  • Online Language Solutions

VFS Global

VFS Global is an exclusive Expatrio partner offering assistance to students that are planning to come to Germany. Check out their website to find more about them!

VFS Global

Expatrio & VFS.Global

Blocked Account, Health Insurance & more

Expatrio makes your relocation to Germany easy. Through a fully online process with low fees and money-back guarantee, you'll be able to get all you need for your visa and stay in Germany.

Blocked Account

Fast, secure, affordable. Open online in just a few minutes

  • Blocked Account in your name with German IBAN
  • Accepted by all German authorities worldwide
  • Bonus: Get a free German Bank Account, automatically connected to your Blocked Account.
  • Cheap local currency transfer options with Expatrio Payment
  • Highest security standards and protection
  • Trusted by 200k+ users all over the world
  • All-in-One app for life in Germany
  • Cost Breakdown
  • Monthly fee: Only €5
  • Blocked Account set-up fee: €69 €49 limited time offer

Value Package

Your all-in-one solution for just €5/month!

Unlock up to €249* worth of free benefits with the Expatrio Value Package

  • New: includes our free German Bank Account
  • German Blocked Account accepted by all German authorities
  • Award-winning public or private health insurance coverage4,5
  • Free Travel Health Insurance worth up to €953
  • Up to €90 cashback with your personalised health insurance2
  • Instant Blocked Amount confirmation once funds are received
  • 24hr customer response time
  • All-in-One app for life in Germany
  • Free International Student ID Card (ISIC) worth up to €15*
  • Free eBooks and resources for life and studies in Germany
  • In-app access to top-tier accommodation for internationals
  • Cost Breakdown
  • Monthly fee: Only €5
  • Blocked Account set-up fee: €0 (€49 cashback)1 limited time offer

Health Insurance

Health insurance for your visa and stay in Germany

  • Incl. free Travel Health Insurance3
  • Immediate confirmation for visa application and enrollment
  • Best public German health insurance4
  • Award-winning private health insurance5
  • Doctor appointment service & live chat
  • Extensive coverage incl. vaccinations
  • All-in-One app for life in Germany

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[*] Up to €249 savings consists of: €49 cashback on blocked account set-up fees + up to €90 TK-Flex cashback + free travel health insurance worth up to €95 + free ISIC card worth up to €15. This offer is only valid for customers who apply for the Value Package. Expatrio reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any point in time. Special terms and conditions apply.

[1] Value Package customers can receive their €49 cashback after activating both their blocked account and health insurance.

[2] TK-Flex is an elective tariff and only available for eligible TK health insurance customers. Once the TK membership is activated, TK-Flex can commence. Expatrio will provide the customer with detailed guidelines on how to do this. Within TK-Flex, users have the option to deselect/opt out of services they do not need. In return, there is a cashback bonus of up to €90 per year. However, if the services are needed after all, TK customers can reactivate their health insurance coverage by paying a deductible of €24 per service (up to €120) per year. Please refer to our TK-Flex page for more information. 

[3]  Free Incoming/ Travel Health Insurance coverage for up to 92 days as part of the Value Package for eligible customers worth up to € 95.00.

[4] In the issue 07/2023, Focus-Money business magazine awarded TK “Best Student Health Insurance Fund”.

[5] DR-WALTER has been awarded the Super Star Award by the Study Travel Magazine.

[6] Without a Residence Permit, you will have temporary access to your Bank Account. By uploading your Residency Permit within the specified time frame (approximately 6 months) you will get permanent access to your Bank Account and all of the amazing benefits that come with it.

[7 ] Only available to selected countries.