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University of Cologne


Culture and Environment in Africa

Subjects: Culture and Environment in Africa,Environment,Africa

M.A. | Master of Arts

⏳  Duration
4 Semesters
🔠 Teaching Language
💶  Application Fee non-EU
No information

💶  Cost per Semester
304 EUR

💶  Tuition Fees per Semester
No information
⏱️ Application Deadline Summer
No information

⏱️ Application Deadline Winter

Course description

The Master of Arts in Culture and Environment in Africa (CEA) is an interdisciplinary degree program. It delves into the archaeological, historical, and contemporary political ecology of the African continent. This program emphasizes the skills, methods, and knowledge essential for human-environment studies in Africa. Students from various academic backgrounds will gain a deep understanding of the intricate relationships between human actions, socio-cultural dynamics, and geo-biophysical processes. CEA integrates natural science, archaeological, historical, anthropological, and linguistic research approaches. This blend equips graduates with enhanced career opportunities, not only in academia but also in national and international organizations focused on these fields. The program fosters a comprehensive grasp of Africa's past and present, preparing students to address complex environmental and cultural challenges. By combining diverse disciplines, CEA offers a unique educational experience that is both broad and deep, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for their future careers.

Program Information

Study Location Cologne
Start Semester Winter
Study Form Full-time
Study Type Postgraduate
Teaching Language English
Dual No
Remote No
Application Fee non-EU No information
Study Length 4 Semesters
Tuition Fees per Semester No information
Cost per Semester 304 EUR
Step 2 - Check Application Requirements
⏱️ Application Start Summer
No information

⏱️ Application Deadline Summer
No information
⏱️ Application Start Winter

⏱️ Application Deadline Winter

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Application Requirements

Language Requirements

CEFR No information
IELTS No information
Cambridge (CAE) No information
TOEFL IBT No information

No information

Qualification Requirements

Entry requirements for the master's degree program, even when applying to a higher semester is a first professional qualification in one Bachelor's degree program with an overall grade of at least 2.5 and a scope of at least six semesters in which at least 180 credit points were acquired one of the following subjects: - archaeology, - prehistory and early history, - ethnology, - African Studies, - Egyptology, - geography, - sociology, - development sociology, - Political Science or an equivalent, technically relevant degree. 2 In the As part of the first professional qualification, achievements in the amount of: at least 40 relevant credit points

Application Process

Acceptance Interview No
Acceptance local admission restrictions Not restricted
Application directly at the University
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