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Step 1 - Find your Study Program

SRH Berlin School of Design and Communication



Subjects: Audiodesign,Audio Design,Design,Technology

B.A. | Bachelor of Arts

⏳  Duration
7 Semesters
🔠 Teaching Language
English, German
💶  Application Fee non-EU
1000 EUR

💶  Cost per Semester
No information

💶  Tuition Fees per Semester
5,530 EUR
⏱️ Application Deadline Summer
Application always possible

⏱️ Application Deadline Winter
Application always possible

Course description

Sound is an integral part of our daily lives. In the BA Audio Design course, you'll delve into the physical properties of sound and master the technical skills needed to design and manipulate it. You'll create soundtracks for films, animations, and computer games. You'll explore how sound impacts different environments and understand the entire acoustic communication chain—from the sound source to the listener.

Program Information

Study Location Berlin
Start Semester Summer, Winter
Study Form Full-time
Study Type Undergraduate
Teaching Language English, German
Dual No
Remote No
Application Fee non-EU 1000 EUR
Study Length 7 Semesters
Tuition Fees per Semester 5,530 EUR
Cost per Semester No information
Step 2 - Check Application Requirements
⏱️ Application Start Summer
No information

⏱️ Application Deadline Summer
Application always possible
⏱️ Application Start Winter
Application always possible

⏱️ Application Deadline Winter
Application always possible

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Application Requirements

Language Requirements

CEFR No information
Cambridge (CAE) No information

TOEFL 87 ibt (direct entry) TOEFL 79 - 86 ibt (with additional agreement) TOEIC 785 (Listening/Reading 785, Speaking 160, Writing 150) IELTS/ IELTS ONLINE (academic) 6.5 on average - please see Language Centre guidelines if results differ CAE (grade A, B, or C) CPE (grade A, B or C) Pearson English Test Academic (PTE-A) 59 points Linguaskill: 176 - 184 (CES) - all four skills required Duolingo 110 points

Qualification Requirements

General higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) or university of applied sciences entrance qualification (Fachhochschulreife). In case you have not graduated yet, please apply with your existing transcripts or your latest interim certificate. However, we need your final degree certificate before you can start your studies. Please note that applicants with foreign degrees might be eligible for direct entry. This means that applicants who meet the requirements DON'T need to do a foundation year before starting their Bachelor's. Please upload the following MP3s with your application: Piece: the first fragment can be selected freely. It could be an electronically produced music track, a sound logo or a production by a band or artist that has been sound-edited by the applicant. Piece: the second fragment is an electronically produced piece. The genre can be selected freely. The focus of the evaluation is on the melodic/harmonic elements within the composition. The following production techniques are undesirable: - classical remixes - medleys - use of vocal stems - use of pre-produced loops that were not clearly recognisable and were processed in a creative way - exclusive use of sample-based material without the inclusion of sound synthesis procedures/synthesisers Piece: create a sound environment that surrounds (real) or could surround (fictitious) someone in one place. Choose a meaningful title for the sound file. Please assemble the three music fragments in MP3 format according to the above order. In addition, please create an informal PDF file the size of one page, which briefly describes your tracks. II) Details entrance examination: The entrance examination includes a ten-minute practical presentation and a personal interview with two professors/lecturers. In the ten-minute audition you will present two music/sound pieces of your choice, related to the core areas of digital music production/sound engineering and composition/musical arrangement. Proof of artistic/aesthetic/technical aptitude for the course of study must be provided in these two areas. There is also a test of your sound engineering, music theory and aural training skills. The following questions can be asked and will help you with your preparation: In which key is the piece you have just presented? Name different intervals (distances between two tones) within an octave What is the difference in music theory between major and minor? Play a major chord/minor chord on the piano Which triadic chords are there besides major and minor? Determine the intervals played on the piano by ear Determine the triads played on the piano with regard to their tonal gender by ear Explain the mode of operation using the individual adjustable parameters of effect devices such as gate, compressor, reverb, EQ, filter! Examples: what happens if you reduce the "threshold" of a compressor? What happens if you increase the "predelay" of a reverb? Explain the mode of operation and the individual parameters of a synthesiser. Examples: what does an "LFO" do? What changes if you increase the "attack" value of a volume envelope? The access check takes 30 minutes in total.

Document Requirements

Bachelor's degree incl. transcript Curriculum vitae Copy of your passport/ID Letter of motivation

Application Process

Acceptance Interview Yes
Acceptance local admission restrictions Admission Exam
Application directly at the University
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