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Special Terms and Conditions Refer Friends Program Value Package (“STCRF-VP”)

Special Terms and Conditions Expatrio Refer Friends Program Value Package

These Special Terms and Conditions for the “Refer Friends Program Value Package” (“STCRF-VP”) apply to the advertising of new customers (hereinafter: “Referee”) to Expatrio Global Services GmbH (hereinafter “Expatrio”) by an existing customer (hereinafter: “Referrer”) within the application ("Refer-a-friend program"). 

The General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”) and General Data Privacy Policy (“GDPP”) of Expatrio shall apply at all times.


  1. Eligible group of persons
    1. New cnd existing customers shall be different natural persons of legal age.
    2. A Referrer can only be an existing customer who has purchased and activated at least one of Expatrio’s paid product offerings prior to the referral date.
    3. A Referee is any client who has not completed the purchase of a paid Expatrio product offering prior to the referral date and purchases and activates Expatrio’s “Value Package”.
    4. The existing customer's business relationship with Expatrio shall continue at least until the receipt of their bonus.
  2. Eligible Referrals
    1. Referral
      1. The Referrer will receive a unique referral link. This link can be embedded into the advertising area of Expatrio.
      2. The Referrer will receive a unique referral code which can be typed into a form field by the Referee at the end of Expatrio’s purchase flows. If the Referee has used the referral link described above, the respective form field will be pre-populated with the unique referral code.
      3. Refer-a-friend is provided for personal and non-commercial purposes only.
    2. Value Package, Purchase and Activation
      1. The product subject to the referral must be Expatrio’s Value Package (as defined on the Expatrio website). 
      2. The Referee must purchase the Value Package with Expatrio using the referral code. 
      3. The Referee must then activate their Blocked Account as well as their Health Insurance (as specified in the following) to complete the “Sale”. 
      4. The Sale of a Value Package (as defined on the Expatrio website) leads to a Remuneration (the “Bonus”).
    3. Blocked Account
      1. The Blocked Account in the Value Package may be provided by any of Expatrio’s banking partners.
      2. The Blocked Account can only be opened by the Referee himself, not by the Referrer. The Referrer however can offer assistance.
      3. The activation of a Blocked Account is defined as the moment when a Referee has opened a Blocked Account and paid-in the required Blocked Amount in full.
    4. Health Insurance
      1. The Health Insurance in the Value Package may be a public or private health insurance provided by any of Expatrio’s insurance partners. 
      2. An application for a Health Insurance can only be done by the Referee himself, not by the Referrer. The Referrer however can offer assistance.
      3. The activation of a Health Insurance is defined as the moment when the Health Insurance becomes effective and TK informs Expatrio of the activation.
  3. Remuneration
    1. For a  successful referral of a Referee, both the Referrer and the Referee shall receive a remuneration determined by Expatrio, provided they are eligible as laid out above.
    2. The pay-out of the Bonus depends not on the purchase of the product itself, but on the activation to qualify as Sale.
    3. A Bonus can only be paid once per Referee. If the customer purchases several products besides the Value Package, the Bonus is only due once. 
    4. The Referee cannot be subject to multiple referral campaigns offered by Expatrio.
    5. The Bonus amount for a referral shall be received as follows unless otherwise determined by Expatrio:
  • 10 (ten) EUR receivable by the Referrer
  • 15 (fifteen) EUR receivable by the Referee
  1. Attribution model
    1. Expatrio only remunerates the Referrer, if the Referrer was the first to refer the Referee (the “First Click”).
    2. If a Referee is first referred to Expatrio by another marketing channel or another Referrer, the Referee-acquisition will be attributed to this respective channel or Referrer.
  2. Payment Conditions
    1. The pay-out of the Bonus can only be made by standard bank transfer within the SEPA area to an IBAN bank account.
    2. The following information is required to process referral payments to Referrers and Referees:
  • Customer Data: Name, Address, Phone number, Email, Personal Tax ID (or equivalent, e.g. TIN; optional)
  • Bank details: Account holder name, Bank Name, IBAN number, BIC number

The information can be provided via Expatrio’s application. 

  1. The customer is responsible to ensure their data provided in the User Portal is accurate and complete in order to receive their payment.
  2. Shouuld the Referrer or Referee not provide the aforementioned information, it is at the discretion of Expatrio whether a Bonus is paid out and by which means, e.g. coupon or voucher.
  3. The pay-out of the applicable Bonus to eligible Referrers and Referees will take place on a monthly basis in the first half of the following month, latest by the 15th of the month following the successful Sale of the Value Package to the Referee.
  1. Duration
    1. These STCRF-VP are valid as long as the Referrer or the Referee are in a business relationship with Expatrio as laid out in Expatrio’s GTC. 
  2. Miscellaneous
    1. Expatrio may suspend, terminate or change the terms and requirements of the STCRF-VP, including e.g. a Referrer’s ability to participate in the program or the Bonus amount, at any time and for any reason.
    2. In case of violation of these STCRF-VP, Expatrio may credit back any Bonus that was already paid out to the Referrer or the Referee.
    3. Expatrio reserves the right to suspend user accounts or reverse Bonus if Expatrio notices any activity that is abusive, fraudulent, or in violation of Expatrio’s GTC, GDPP and STCRF-VP.
    4. Expatrio reserves the right to review and investigate all referral activities and to suspend accounts or modify referrals in its sole discretion as deemed fair and appropriate.
    5. Any initiated referrals which are still pending after one year will be deleted.
  3. Amendments to these Terms
    1. These terms may be amended by Expatrio at any time without prior notice. Upon amendment of these terms, Expatrio will provide the amendment on website and inform its  customers via email accordingly.
  4. Contract Language, applicable law:
    1. The primary and official contract language is English.
    2. The business relationship between you and Expatrio is governed by German law.