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The German higher education system ensures that all its applicants have the same qualification level. International students planning on studying in Germany must check if they can apply directly to a German university or if they need to go through a preparatory course (also known as Studienkolleg) before entering a higher education institution.

Expatrio's Study Eligibility Checker makes your life easier. With our tool, you can directly check your eligibility. Based on your results, you can then search for the best study program also on our platform.


What is a preparatory course (Studienkolleg) in Germany?

A Studienkolleg or a preparatory course in Germany is a particular type of program offering international students a bridge between secondary school and higher education. The course can be provided either by a private or public institution. And the courses are divided into University Studienkollegs and applied sciences Studienkollegs. Learn all about the topic on our dedicated page.

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