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EDUCARE24 is DR-WALTER’s private insurance for internationals coming to Germany.

The service is recognized by embassies and offers you a great cost-benefit. With several advantages such as direct billing, travel flexibility and cover even if you have a side job, EDUCARE24 one-stop solution offers you great coverage. Moreover, EDUCARE24 can be cancelled free of charge if your visa application is not approved.



DR-WALTER provides its private insurance EDUCARE24 in different combinations, which are tailored to the needs of foreign language students, regular students, trainees, and guest scientists.

You can choose from four different types: Basic (EDUCARE24 S), Comfort (EDUCARE24 M), Plus (EDUCARE24 L), and Comfort+ (EDUCARE24 XL). Check out more details about these products:

  • BASIC (EDUCARE24 S) is limited to health insurance.
  • COMFORT (EDUCARE24 M) is a comprehensive cover consisting of international health insurance, accident insurance, personal liability insurance, and deportation costs insurance. 
  • PLUS (EDUCARE24 L) is recommended to those who would like to add dental treatments to the coverage listed in the Comfort (EDUCARE24 M) plan.
  • COMFORT+ (EDUCARE24 XL) is ideal for students who cannot insure themselves with statutory health insurance. This is the case if the student is 30 years or older or/and has studied more than 14 subject-related semesters. With this plan, you can use benefits within the framework of statutory programs up to a value of €500 per year of insurance.


We listed six benefits of EDUCARE24 insurance:

  1. Insurance coverage meets official legal requirements.
    Insurances for foreign guests have to meet several requirements. Some of the specifications which need to be given attention to are the regulations of the European Commission or the Freizügigkeitsverordnung/EG and Germany’s right of residence. EDUCARE24 provides unlimited coverage of medical costs, thus exceeding the required coverage of 30,000 euros.
  2. Health insurance without deductible
    "Deductible" means that the insured person is obliged to cover a part of the treatment expenses. For example, a "deductible of €50 per insured event" means that you have to pay €50 of the medical bill yourself in each case of illness. The health insurance of EDUCARE24 does not comprise deductible.
  3. Direct billing with doctors and hospitals
    If you provide your medical info card (Ärzte-Info-Ticket) to your doctor or to the hospital, DR-WALTER can settle the billing directly with the doctor or the hospital.
  4. Travel flexibility 
    It is not always possible to plan the exact duration of a stay abroad. EDUCARE24 can be extended up to a maximum insurance period of 4 years, but if you return early, the premium will also be calculated to the day.
  5. Cover if you have a side job
    It is of no importance to EDUCARE24 insurance coverage if you have a side job in addition to your studies. However, we recommend to clarify with your employer if such a side job is subject to social insurance contributions.
  6. One-stop solution
    If you have any questions about your EDUCARE24 insurance, you have only one contact partner, namely DR-WALTER. Advice, contract processing, payment processing and claims settlement will be dealt with by the staff of DR-WALTER.

Requirements for EDUCARE24

You can be insured through EDUCARE24 if you meet the following requirements:
  • Your maximum age at the commencement of the contract is 69 years
  • Your stay abroad will last no longer than 4 years
  • You have a foreign citizenship other than German
  • The insurance policy is purchased prior to arrival or within the first month after entering the country or starting classes, studies, internship, teaching or research work

EDUCARE24 coverage

EDUCARE24 insurance coverage applies to all countries in the European Union, as well as to Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican city. EDUCARE24 offers the perfect insurance cover for Schengen visa. The Insurance coverage also includes worldwide trips up to a maximum duration of six weeks. That means that you are secured even if you visit your relatives and friends in your home country for vacations.