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Make the most of the German culture while being at home

Every challenge brings new opportunities with it. Now we all are challenged in the same way: we need to stay home to protect ourselves and the people around us.

But let’s be honest, before this situation, we all had a point in which we thought of how good it would be to stay at home and lay in bed the whole day long, not going to the university or work, not seeing crowds of people in the public transportation and just chilling at home, watching movies or reading books.

Now we must stay home and even though it doesn’t look like in our dreams, it still offers us some free time which we needed so badly. And you can actually use it for your own benefit. That is why we want to share with you some free resources to utilize your quarantine time and get to know Germany a bit better.

1. Learn German for free

“To speak a language is to take on a world, a culture.” - Frantz Fanon

The majority of foreigners living in Germany find learning the language the most important aspect and they are absolutely right. The knowledge of German will open you a myriad of new doors. Be it better job opportunities, new friendships or just the feeling of comfort because you understand people around. 

In the time of quarantine, many language centers share their resources to help you advance your vocabulary and grammar. For example, one of the most well-known institutions providing German courses for foreigners - Goethe Institute is offering many free resources for different levels and different purposes. Find them here.

2. Attend free online exhibitions in German museums

Despite the fact that all the museums in Germany are officially closed, you can enjoy online exhibitions and 360-degree tours without even buying a ticket. For example, the Bode Museum in Berlin offers to explore 35 rooms with various exhibitions in the comfort of your home.

"Bringing art from museums to people" is the motto of the Lenbachhaus in Munich. That is why they are offering you to discover the works of art online from home. Browse through different epochs, lose yourself in the variety of shapes and colors, or search for the works that you definitely want to see live during your next visit.

In the virtual collection of the Deutsches Museum you can "stroll" through various subject areas such as astronomy, cryptography or the 1950s. Interactive audio tours bring you closer to shipping, aviation and space travel. You can also visit the Deutsches Museum using Google Arts & Culture - with 980 objects and several online exhibitions on special topics, you will certainly not be bored here.

Attention FC Bayern fans! A 360-degree tour in which the football heart beats faster awaits you. You want to know what it feels like to stand in the middle of the field and look out into the blue sky of Munich through the stadium roof of the Allianz Arena? Thanks to this virtual tour, you can get much closer to the game than when visiting a normal stadium.

3. Listen to the concerts of classical music 

The Bavarian State Opera offers access to various recorded performances as well as live streams for free during the quarantine period. You can listen to classical music or watch some of the legendary plays performed by famous German actors and musicians.

The orchestra of Berliner Philharmonie will also continue to play for us in the Digital Concert Hall. All you need to do to access it is to put the code BERLINPHIL while logging in the Digital Concert Hall ticket page.

“We hope that through this initiative we can give pleasure to as many people as possible with our music. We already miss our public very much and hope that in this way we can remain in contact with our audience at least virtually,” says Olaf Maninger, principal cellist and chair of the orchestra’s media board.

4. Experience Berlin’s vibrant nightlife scene

If you always wanted to dive into Berlin's night-life, now's your chance! Under the hashtag #UnitedWeStream, Berlin's clubs are streaming DJ sets live on Instagram every day from 7pm onwards – without any risk of infection.

5. Put a personal touch on German cuisine

Apart from getting to know Germany better with the help of your computer and telephone, you can experience it in your kitchen. Most probably, you have already tried some traditional German dishes in the restaurant, but now we offer you to take it to the next level by learning to cook some German dishes yourself. And maybe even host an international dinner in the future.

At My German Recipes as well as many other culinary blogs, you can learn to cook lots of traditional German dishes following the easy steps and image instructions.

Check out this cute video of international kids trying German food.

6. Are you an animal-lover? Then explore nature online!

Whether it's an owl or a rabbit, at Tierwebcams you can peep into the nests of different animals in Germany – live.

If you prefer a bit more action, you can also go on a 360-degree tour of Leipzig Zoo. You won't get live pictures, but you can check out the whole zoo – from the bear enclosures to the terrariums.