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Finding accommodation in Germany is easier now

Admin 2024-02-19


Expatrio has partnered up with HousingAnywhere to make moving to Germany uncomplicated.

We are excited to announce a partnership with the housing platform, HousingAnywhere. Starting July 20th, all German listings from HousingAnywhere were integrated on our platform. Users are now able to browse apartments, studios, and rooms anywhere in Germany, and can easily book the accommodation on HousingAnywhere. Thanks to this integration, our customers have one single place where they can organize their new stage of life in Germany, including finding a new home.

Djordy Seelmann, CEO of HousingAnywhere: “This partnership is a perfect fit as it solves one of the main pains of anyone moving abroad: navigating the fragmented and intransparent process of required paperwork, and finding a place to live. Expatrio’s customers can now easily browse any available accommodation on HousingAnywhere and get the full service when they book on our platform. We ensure customers can book safely thanks to our secure booking process, which ensures that the booked accommodation meets the expectations of the tenant. Above all, we provide easy rental payments thanks to HousingAnywhere Payments, which allows tenants to pay all their rental expenses online with their own preferred payment method. By joining forces with Expatrio and integrating all our properties on their platform, we’re able to provide a better experience that removes much of the friction that comes with moving abroad”. 

The final frontier that our customers, as international students and young professionals, face when moving to Germany is accommodation. “Our aim is to accompany our customers throughout their entire journey to and within Germany by providing all they need in a single place”, says Tim Meyer, Expatrio’s Managing Director. “One of the biggest blockers we weren’t able to provide up until now was helping to find a new place to live in. We are glad that our users will now have the biggest selection of accommodation to choose from, as HousingAnywhere is the market leader in Germany. We’re also very happy that HousingAnywhere shares our focus on customer service and innovation. Our partnership with HousingAnywhere will make the lives of our users much easier and will allow us to continue offering the best customer experience”, pointed out Tim Meyer.

Expatrio Living
Expatrio Living - our partnership with HousingAnywhere

About HousingAnywhere

HousingAnywhere is the world's largest rental accommodation platform for young professionals and international students boasting over 50,000 active advertisements and over 8 million users in over 60 countries. More than 150 partner universities recommend their students to use the HousingAnywhere platform. The Rotterdam-based technology start-up employs 120 people.

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