Girl at a Studienkolleg in germany

Best Studienkollegs in Germany

Studienkollegs are considered a stepping stone for international students in Germany. Research shows that students who take a preparatory course in Germany before attending a university have a greater understanding of the education system and have a higher chance of success in their chosen courses.

We will provide an overview of the Studienkolleg system and take a look at some of the most popular Studienkollegs in Germany. Read on whether you are interested in a course at a university or a private Studienkolleg in Berlin.

What is a Studienkolleg?

A Studienkolleg is an independent study prep college or one associated with a university in Germany

They are designed to prepare incoming international students for further studies in Germany.

The application process for Studienkolleg varies between institutions. Therefore, you may have to apply directly to the Studienkolleg or through Uni Assist in Germany. You will usually apply for a Studienkolleg course at the same time as you apply for your university degree course.

There are various courses available which relate to different subjects. For example, the T-course is for math, natural sciences and technical degrees, while the W-course is for economics and social sciences. The Studienkolleg entrance exam varies between schools, but will often include a math and German or English language assessment.

Please visit our Studienkolleg and Pre-Studies page for more information on preparing to study in Germany.

Is Studienkolleg compulsory?

You may be required to attend a Studienkolleg if your qualifications from your home country don’t meet the necessary criteria. You can check if your qualifications are accepted on the Uni Assist website. You can also elect to attend in order to give yourself a headstart on studying in Germany.

How long does Studienkolleg take?

Studienkolleg generally takes one year which is split into two semesters. If you achieve excellent results the course may be reduced to just one semester. If, however, your results are not up to standard it is possible to repeat each semester once in order to try to improve the outcome. There is usually a final exam at the end of the year, known as a Feststellungsprüfung (assessment test).

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Studienkollegs in the north of Germany

Studienkolleg at the TU Berlin

A university-based Studienkolleg in Berlin that offers M, T, TI, WW and W courses. You can also complete a Propädeutikum (pre-course) in order to improve your German skills. Specialized vocabulary is taught relating to math and physics. The entrance exam, course, and assessment test are all free of charge, you only need to pay the enrollment fee for each semester that you attend.

Studienkolleg at the University of Hamburg

The Studienkolleg at Hamburg University runs courses G, M, T, W, and a propaedeutic course to help international students prepare for their studies in Germany. There are introductory units for economics, engineering, humanities and cultural studies, and mathematics, informatics and natural sciences. The courses are free and only a semester fee is required for the use of the university facilities.

Niedersächsisches Studienkolleg at the University of Hannover

Studienkolleg for international students applying to any university in Lower Saxony. All courses require a German language entrance exam, courses T, M and W require a math exam, and courses G and S require a humanities exam. Students must pay the Niedersächsisches Studienkolleg and Lower Saxony semester fees.

Sachsen Studienkolleg at the University of Leipzig

Students can study the T, M, W, G, and S courses free of charge. The DSH German language course costs €2,200 and the examination fee is €150. All courses require a German entrance exam, plus a math exam for courses T, W, and M.

Staatliches Studienkolleg at the University of Applied Sciences Nordhausen

This Studienkolleg requires students to pass a German exam to begin a course. An additional math exam is needed for certain courses. After the two-semester course, a written and oral final exam is taken to complete the assessment.

Duration of a prep-course at a German Studienkolleg: 1 Year

Two semesters

Structure of an academic year in Germany.

Winter semester

October - March
Application Deadline: July 15th

Summer semester

April - September
Application Deadline: January 15th

Studienkollegs in the south of Germany

Studienkolleg at the University of Heidelberg

Courses G, M, S, T, and W are available. Courses are full time and include 20 hours of German language instruction per week plus 12-16 hours of course specific topics in the first semester, followed by a German assessment. In the second semester, the course covers 30 hours of topic work per week ending in an assessment.

Studienkolleg of the Universities of the Free State of Bavaria in Munich

More simply known as Studienkolleg Munich, students planning to attend one of the 11 universities in Bavaria can prepare for their studies here. Students must be enrolled at either Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich or the Technical University of Munich. Courses T, M, G, and W can be taken here.

Studienkolleg at the Johannes-Gutenberg University Mainz

Preparatory courses take just one semester, classes are 32 per hours per week and taught in German. You must prove your German language abilities meet a B2/C1 level and pass an entrance exam to be eligible for the Studienkolleg. Courses S, G, T, M, and W are taught.

Studienkolleg of the Universities of Applied Sciences of the Free State of Bavaria in Coburg

This Studienkolleg prepares students for studying at a Fachhochschule (university of applied science) in Bavaria or another part of Germany. Known as Studienkolleg Coburg, it offers FSP courses for the Feststellungsprüfung and DSH courses, Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (German language for university entrance).

Studienkolleg at KIT (Karlsruhe Institute for Technology)

The Studienkolleg at KIT prepares students for university entrance with a focus on STEM subjects, as well as the German language. Students can apply at the International Office at KIT or the University of Stuttgart. The entrance examination for the T courses includes a German and math test.