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University of Ulm


Molecular and Translational Neuroscience

Subjects: Molecular and Translational Neuroscience,Molecular Neuroscience,Translational Neuroscience

M.Sc. | Master of Science

⏳  Duration
4 Semesters
🔠 Teaching Language
💶  Application Fee non-EU
No information

💶  Cost per Semester
162 EUR

💶  Tuition Fees per Semester
1,500 EUR
⏱️ Application Deadline Summer
No information

⏱️ Application Deadline Winter

Course description

MTN is a research-focused master's degree program designed to provide students with top-tier training in both basic research and clinical, therapeutically-oriented neuroscience. The goal of molecular and translational neuroscience is to enhance the diagnosis and treatment of neurological and psychiatric conditions. These conditions include multiple sclerosis, meningitis, stroke, depression, schizophrenia, ADD/ADHD, and age-related neurological diseases like dementia and Parkinson's. Such diseases significantly impair patients' quality of life, sometimes even resulting in the complete loss of independent living. The program covers a wide range of study subjects, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the field. By focusing on both the molecular and translational aspects, students gain the skills needed to tackle these complex health issues. The training prepares them to make meaningful contributions to improving patient outcomes and advancing the field of neuroscience. In this program, students are not just learners but active participants in the quest to alleviate the burdens of neurological and psychiatric diseases. The curriculum is designed to foster a deep understanding of the mechanisms underlying these conditions and to develop innovative approaches to treatment. This empathetic and inclusive approach ensures that graduates are well-equipped to make a real difference in the lives of those affected by these challenging diseases.

Program Information

Study Location Ulm
Start Semester Winter
Study Form Full-time
Study Type Postgraduate
Teaching Language English
Dual No
Remote No
Application Fee non-EU No information
Study Length 4 Semesters
Tuition Fees per Semester 1,500 EUR
Cost per Semester 162 EUR
Step 2 - Check Application Requirements
⏱️ Application Start Summer
No information

⏱️ Application Deadline Summer
No information
⏱️ Application Start Winter

⏱️ Application Deadline Winter

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Application Requirements

Language Requirements

Cambridge (CAE) C2

Applicants for an English-language course of study must demonstrate English language skills. Language skills at level C 1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR) are required for the master's degree programs in Cognitive Systems, Communication and Information Technology, Molecular Medicine and Molecular and Translational Neuroscience . This must be fulfilled by one of the following language certificates: University degree in a degree program with only English as the language of instruction 7.0 points or better in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS, IELTS Academic (IELTS online), IELTS Indicator) when the score and CEFR level are stated at the same time, the higher language proficiency level stated will be recognized Certificate in C 1 Advanced English or Certificate C 2 Proficiency in English at the Cambridge exam 490 (listening), 455 (reading), 180 (speaking) and 180 (writing) points or better in the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) 95 points or better in the Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-based (TOEFL iBT or TOEFL iBT home edition) Level III or Level IV with UNIcert® PTE Academic, with a score of 76 or better GER C 1 level or higher shown on the university entrance qualification. A language proficiency level that is partially at GER C 1 level and lower will not be recognized.

Qualification Requirements

Applicants must have acquired a bachelor's degree in a life sciences course such as biology, biochemistry, molecular medicine, physiological chemistry, neurobiology, biopsychology, human biology, molecular life sciences or another course with essentially the same content. Graduates of human medicine (state examination) can also apply. The degree must have been acquired at a university or technical college in Germany or at a university abroad recognized as equivalent with a period of study of at least 3 years. • If you have not yet completed the course but expect to complete it before the start of the MTN course in October, it is also possible to apply with a provisional transcript of records. You can receive admission based on the transcript of records and submit the final certificate by the registration deadline. • Your degree must have an overall grade of 2.7 or better. If you have not yet graduated, all exam results must have an average grade of 2.7 or better and be documented in a current transcript of records. • Knowledge and skills that are demonstrated through the forms “subject-specific additional information on course content” and “subject-specific additional information on laboratory methods”: With regard to the course content, achievements must have been made in at least 7 of the specified subject areas, with the subjects in category A being given double weight become. At least 5 of the laboratory methods must have been carried out at least "under supervision" (or better). • In addition, good knowledge of English at level C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR) is required. • In addition to the requirements for the online application, the applicant must have passed a selection interview with an overall grade of 2 or better.

Document Requirements

Bachelor's certificate and certificate • Transcript of Records with the final grade of the bachelor's degree. • If you have not yet completed your studies but expect to complete them before the start of your studies, it is also possible to apply with a provisional transcript of records. Make sure that the Transcript of Records (ToR) lists all academic achievements and examination results from the undergraduate course with the average grade of all examinations. On this basis, you can receive conditional admission and submit your final certificate by the registration deadline. • The total workload of your bachelor's degree or the workload received up to the end of the application period must be stated. • For foreign certificates, an grading scale must be uploaded that shows the best grade to be awarded and the minimum grade for obtaining the university degree. In some cases, such a rating scale is already present on the transcript of records, in which case the ToR must be uploaded again at this point in the online application. • Proof of English language skills at level C1. Applicants who can prove that their native language is English or that their bachelor's degree was taught exclusively in English do not need a test. Everyone else has to take a language test. You can find out which exams are permitted for level C1 (GER) in the language regulations of the University of Ulm (see FAQ). • Letter of recommendation: a study-related letter of recommendation personally signed by an employee of a public or private body (professor or doctoral candidate, not a doctoral student) on letterhead, which shows the contact details of the signatory and the capacity in which the signatory acted. • A letter of motivation - maximum 2 pages long - in which you describe your motivation and your expectations for studying in the Master's program in Molecular and Translational Neuroscience here in Ulm. • CV (curriculum vitae) • The electronically completed document “Subject-specific additional information on the STUDY CONTENT” . You can download the document on the Ulm University Admissions Office website before the application period begins and must upload it as a PDF document via the campus portal during the online application process. • The electronically completed document “Subject-specific additional information on knowledge of LABORATORY METHODS”. You can download the document on the Ulm University Admissions Office website before the application period begins and must upload it as a PDF document via the campus portal during the online application process. • Certified translations of all documents that were not issued in German or English.

Application Process

Acceptance Interview Yes
Acceptance local admission restrictions Restricted
Application directly at the University,
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