Students learning German in the best Language Schools in Germany

The Best Language Schools in Germany

Many well-ranked language schools in cities like Berlin and Munich offer state-approved tuition in German that you can take advantage of. Free or subsidized language learning is also offered as a positive way to promote integration in Germany, and non-native speakers can apply for a language student visa, which lasts for 3-12 months. 

A popular way to learn German is to enroll in an intensive course to get a certificate or diploma from a recognized language school, but there are other free or more personalized ways it can be done. For more information on where and how to study German in Germany, read on.

General Information

In Germany, and many countries in Europe and worldwide, the level of an individual’s language skills in a foreign language are determined according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR levels). This framework, which is well-recognized in Germany, provides a standardized way of grading German proficiency, starting at A1, then A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. Courses will start at one of these levels, depending on the learner’s previous experience which will often be judged by an onboarding or enrollment test.

How much does it cost to learn German in Germany?

An average group class for learning German in Germany (at a private school) costs around €10 per hour. Fees for paid courses range from €790 per CEFR level.

German language course

It is possible to acquire German language course visa in order to move to Germany for a short while for the sole purpose of learning German. Read more on our German Visas pages.

How can I learn German in Germany for free?

Finding a language tandem/exchange partner can mean learning the language from a native speaker is free, and enrolling for a class at a nearby Volkshochschule (community college) can give learners access to very low-cost classes (but often in big groups!). A few of the best free apps for learning German can be found below.

Is the German language required to study in Germany?

Yes - for courses in Germany, definitely. Being accepted for a university course in Germany will often require students to prove their level of German as a prerequisite, and student visa applications can also depend on this.

The best-recognized certificate to prove that you have good enough language skills to study in German is the Test of German as a Foreign Language (TestDaF). Institutions such as the Goethe Institut offer preparatory courses for this exam, although exam guidelines and example papers can also be found online.

Can you move to Germany without knowing German?

Yes, however, our Learn German page provides some good reasons why learning German is highly beneficial. In short, although many German natives in the main cities will likely have a good level of English, many people in the smaller towns and those of the older generation will not. Navigating the German paperwork and setting yourself up in the country will be made much easier if you have a good grasp of the language – as will making friends and integrating.

National Language Schools

Berlitz Sprachschule

Berlitz Sprachschule is an international language school located in Germany and in many places worldwide. The school has more than 470 centers in 70 countries. You will find a Berlitz Sprachschule in most major German cities. The school offers individual and group lessons for adults and children and provides integration courses and preparation courses for internationally recognized German language qualifications.

Deutsche Akademie

The Deutsche Akademie offers the largest online German grammar training tool in the world, for non-native speakers or those who wish to improve their grammar.

The online course from this institution is free for anybody to use. The website offers more than 20,000 German grammar and vocabulary exercises and 800 hours of interactive learning. The course was designed by teachers and fulfills the standard of the European Framework of Reference for Language. This means it fulfills the standards for language training in Germany.

BWS Germanlingua

The BWS Germanlingua language school offers courses in general German, business German, English courses and German exam preparation. The school is affiliated to the International Association of Language Centers and offers German language training at six different levels. Each level fulfills the standards set by the Common European Framework of Reference for languages. Standard German courses require attendance of 20 hours a week. Reading, writing, listening and speaking German in small groups form part of the curriculum.

Language Schools in Berlin

German Language School (GLS)

Address: Kastanienallee 82, 10435 Berlin

Hartnackschule Berlin

Address: Motzstraße 5, 10777 Berlin (Schöneberg)

Sprachenatelier Berlin

Address: Frankfurter Allee 40, 10247 Berlin

Language Schools in Munich

ASL International Language School

Address: Leopoldstraße 62, 80802 Munich


Address: Pettenkoferstr 44, 80336 Munich

Language Schools in Hamburg

Colón Language Center

Address: Colonnaden 96, 20354 Hamburg


Address: Schanzenstr. 75, 20357 Hamburg

Language schools in Cologne

Active lernen

Address: Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring 24, 50672 Cologne

Insula Köln

Address: Vogelsangerstrasse 61, 50823 Cologne

Language Schools in Frankfurt


Address: Kaiserstr. 10, D-60311 Frankfurt

Sprachcaffee Frankfurt

Address: Gartenstraße 6, 60594 Frankfurt

Learn German Online: Free Apps and Websites

Using a free app to learn German can be a cost-effective and convenient way to do so, especially if you are not yet in Germany

Learners can try:


Duolingo is a website and app-based language learning program. The language proficiency assessment exam is done digitally. The Duolingo website and app is free to use and download.

Rosetta Stone German

This internationally recognized language learning program can be accessed from any device. Users can start off with a free trial of learning foundational concepts and undertaking practical tasks.

Wie Geht's German

A platform for learning German from beginner to advanced levels, Wie Geht's is a user-friendly website that starts by teaching basic vocabulary for common words.

Slow German

Slow German is hosted by a native German speaker, Annik Rubens, and there is a choice of free podcasts or paid for services. The site teaches basic German grammar and vocabulary through current events and dialogue.


Speakers can learn using flashcards online and using mobile apps. The site is great for learning German verb conjugations and verb recognition exercises.

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