International Money Transfer to Germany

International Money Transfer to Germany

You might be wondering what is the best way to transfer a large amount of money to your Blocked Account in Germany with minimized fees and maximized speed. Expatrio has an answer for you! 

To make the Blocked Account setup a bit easier we have partnered with some of the best international money transfer companies that have no hidden fees and offer you absolute safety in combination with fair exchange rates. Check them out!

Cohort Go

Cohort Go is an international payment service provider. Founded with the goal of helping international students with their tuition payments, Cohort Go serves more than 100,000 students from 180 countries in over 60 different currencies. The company delivers funds at a low foreign exchange rate and no banking fees. With their fully digital offering, Cohort Go enables students to make international payments at their fingertips. By collaborating with Expatrio, Cohort Go is now fully integrated into our Expatrio User Portal. Our customers are able to transfer money to their blocked account in local currencies (e.g. CNY, INR) and with the latest services of online payments (e.g. Alipay, Union Pay, ICICI).

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TransferWise - Global

TransferWise is a UK-based money transfer service which is operating since January 2011. Headquartered in London, they have offices in a number of cities including Tallinn, New York, Singapore and Budapest and support more than 750 currency routes across the world. In 2018, TransferWise reached 4 million customers and a monthly transfer volume of around $4 billion. Instead of taking the difference between inter-bank buy and sell rates for themselves like it is done for traditional currency transfers, TransferWise matches transfers with other people and then takes a small commission while using the inter-bank mid exchange rate. This is how they are able to offer you a cheap way to transfer funds internationally.

They describe themselves as follows: "TransferWise removes all the wrongness, letting people send money abroad at the lowest possible true cost. Using only real exchange rates and tiny not-hidden-fees. Headaches averted, and a revolution sparked." 


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EbixCash World Money - India

Together with EbixCash, we at Expatrio have built a tailored, convenient and digital forex solution for our great base of Indian users for easily transferring money to Germany. As part of Ebix Inc and with a domestic remittance volume of approximately $100 million per month, EbixCash is emerging as one of the leading Financial Exchanges in India. With EBIXCASH World Money, it has built an RBI authorized category II Foreign exchange brand that provides a suite of the most convenient online forex solutions since 1998.

Having formed a team of 3,000 people, spread across 145 Retail Branches, 95 Kiosks at 29 International Airports, 12 Seaports, 250+ Franchise Partners present across 69 cities, EbixCash is providing exceptional customer service for over 20 years to more than 20 million customers. To summarize in their own words: Our mission has always been to provide the best solution to our customer’s every travel-related worries which also reflects in our tagline: “Think Forex, Think EBIXCASH World Money”.




MOIN – South Korea

Together with MOIN, we have implemented a process for our valued Korean customers to save money and enjoy the most convenient solution when transferring their blocked amount to Germany. To make it even easier for you, the unique coupon code "expatrio" enables you to enjoy a one-time free transfer when using MOIN.

As an award-winning FinTech company, MOIN offers the best cross-border money transfer solution from Korea to the world. By providing fast and convenient money transfer service at an affordable price, MOIN wants to innovate inefficiencies and create value for the customers. MOIN supports international transfer to more 27 countries including the European Union, USA, China, Japan, Australia, and Singapore. Established in March 2016, MOIN won the Financial Supervisory Service Award at the ‘2016 Financial Reformation Start-up and Job Fair Competition’. Obtaining official "Small-sum Transfer License" from the Ministry of Strategy and Finance in January 2018 once again confirmed that MOIN keeps up to the Bank-level security standards.


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