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Blocked Account

Your fast, cheap and secure way of opening a German Blocked Account for your visa application.

The German Blocked Account (Sperrkonto) is a special type of a bank account required by German law for many people when migrating from outside of the EU for studies, languages course, preparatory course (Studienkolleg) or other pursuits, like when seeking for a job. It is a visa requirement and Expatrio will help you getting sorted.


Blocked Account opening as easy as it should be!

Accepted & Approveed by the Federal Foreign OfficeExpatrio helps you opening your Blocked Account for Germany in a fast, cheap and secure way, while you are still abroad in your home country. We have incorporated a convenient fully-online process with low fees as well as our fair-use-policy. We always lend a helping hand with our superior Customer Service throughout the entire journey.

But most importantly: Expatrio Blocked Account is officially accepted & approved by the German Federal Foreign Office.

    Blocked Account - trusted by our customers

    Germany's #1 Blocked Account*

    One-time Blocked Account Set-up only
    Monthly Blocked Account fee only
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    Setting-up your Germany Blocked Account for your visa doesn't have to be complicated, manual and frustrating. Expatrio greatly helps you in obtaining your Blocked Account for Germany in a cheap, fast and secure way. The low set-up fee and the low monthly fees combined constitute Germany's cheapest Blocked Account. Our 24 hour guarantee to come back to your potential request also gives you a peace of mind during the entire process. Enjoy Germany, let us take care of the bureaucracy during your visa process.

    Blocked Account

    Your German Blocked Account for your visa application!
    • Accepted & approved by Federal Foreign Office
    • Cheap: set-up €49,- & €5,- per month only
    • Fast: official Opening Confirmation within 24h
    • Fair: money-back guarantee in case of visa refusal
    • Flexible: monthly cancellation or extension possible
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    Increased Blocked Amount

    Please note that from 1 January 2020, the presumed annual requirement that must be paid into the Blocked Account when applying for a visa will increase to €853 per month or €10,236 per year. This increased amount applies to all visa applications submitted from 1 September 2019. Please get in touch with your local embassy, consulate, or Foreigner's Office to understand if this applies for you.

    Fast, cheap and secure Blocked Account opening

    Expatrio not only offers you the Blocked Account, but also a convenient experience to make your visa application faster, cheaper and more secure. Here is how it works:

    And here is how it works:

    1. Check the visa requirements with the German embassy responsible for your visa application
    2. Apply for your Blocked Account once you have received a confirmation of your studies in Germany
    3. Transfer the required funds (Total Blocked Amount) to your Blocked Account. Pay attention to conversion rates and transfer fees
    4. Automatically receive the official Blocking Confirmation and present it to the German Embassy
    5. Get your visa (also check Health Insurance requirements)
    6. Once in Germany, make a quick online verification 
    7. We will directly pay out the first disbursement to your Current Account
    8. You're all set - enjoy Germany!
    Fast, cheap and secure Blocked Account opening

    Benefits of the Expatrio Blocked Account


    Our superior Customer Service will handle your request usually within 24h!


    Enjoy low fees and peace of mind with transparent prices!


    Accepted & approved by the Federal Foreign Office and secured by European regulation!

    Best time to apply

    Be advised to open the Blocked Account as early as possible. We guarantee an instant account opening but we cannot influence the duration of international money transfers. It might just take one day to get settled but it might also be a few days up to two weeks in the worst case. Therefore please better apply earlier than later.

    Also in need of Health Insurance? Combine and save!

    With the Expatrio Value Package you can save more than €300* compared to purchasing all items separately. The Value Package includes the Blocked Account, a Current Bank Account, the Incoming Health Insurance, the Public Student Health Insurance, a lifelong DeGiS membership including complementary insurance bundle and an ISIC card.

    Save >€300*

    Value Package

    As a University student, you can get your all-round carefree package for your visa application and a seamless start in Germany.
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    • Blocked Account accepted & approved by the Federal Foreign Office.
    • Free Incoming Travel Insurance* officially accepted worldwide.
    • Germany’s best Public Health Insurance* with English speaking service and bonus program.
    • Free Current Account* with globally usable Mastercard, supporting Google and Apple Pay.
    • Free DeGiS membership* to enjoy Germany's largest community for international students.
    • Free Insurance package* covering private liability and loss, damage, theft of valuable items.
    • Free ISIC Card* giving you access to 150,000 benefits in 130+ countries.
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    Legal background information about German Blocked Account

    The Expatrio Blocked Account fully complies with the applicable immigration law

    The German Federal Foreign Office thoroughly assessed the Expatrio Blocked Account and approved it as a proof of financial means during the visa application process.

    The Expatrio Blocked Account is therefore approved by the highest instances and complies with all laws, provisions, treaties and requirements of the German authorities in visa applications and residence permits. This includes especially, but is not limited to, § 2 (3) Residence Act (AufenthG) and Administrative Order of the Residence Act (VwV-AufenthG). The monthly Blocked Amount is regularly €853 (€10,236 per year) which is specified in the §§ 13 and 13a (1) Federal Training Assistance Act (Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetzes - BAföG) for students at secondary schools and universities in Germany.

    Here is what will be written on the "Blocking Confirmation":

    The Blocked Amount of €__________ and the Additional Basic Sum of €__________ are blocked in favor of the Federal Republic of Germany respectively the local authority to which the foreigners office is assigned (“Blocking Beneficiary”), that has jurisdiction for the current place of residence of the account holder – or if the account holder has moved from Germany – to his/her last place of residence in Germany represented by the foreign office. 

    The account holder will be able to dispose of a monthly amount of up to €______ over a Blocking Period of ___ months after the visa start date. This amount will be disbursed to his/her current bank account on a monthly basis in accordance with the disbursement plan as required by the Blocking Beneficiary. The Additional Basic Sum of €__________ will remain blocked till the termination of the Blocked Account. 

    Blocked Account

    * Based on the quantity and quality of customer reviews on Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews and Trustpilot Reviews.
    * Please refer to the STCVP for further information on the Special Terms and Conditions for the Value Package and the Voucher Code.
    * Compared to purchasing the products and services included in the Value package stand-alone as indicated in the respective areas respectively footnotes and the STCVP, calculation including the Voucher Code promotion.
    * Techniker Krankenkasse has been awarded as the best German statutory health insurance fund (public health insurance) by the renowned Focus-Money (07/19) health insurer test for the thirteenth time in a row.
    * Monese Current Account: The “Plus Plan” will be free of charge for the first 12 months (usually €4.95 per month).
    * DR-WALTER Incoming Insurance: Valid for 180 days after arrival. First 31 days for free (usually €33).
    * Calculation: difference in the Health Insurance premiums of DAK as compared to Techniker Krankenkasse (“TK”) on an annual basis (< 23 years or >23 with children: DAK €109.89 monthly, €1,318.68 p.a.; TK €103.94 monthly, €1,247.28 p.a.) // >23 years, no children: DAK €111.75 monthly, €1,341.00 p.a.; TK €105.80 monthly, €1,269.60 p.a.). In both cases, the TK premiums are €71.40 cheaper as compared to DAK. Please consider this calculation as an example and be advised that not only the price can vary but also the coverages. For more information please visit our comparison page. For a holistic and objective comparison you can refer to our partner
    * Deutsche Gesellschaft internationaler Studierender (DeGiS): Lifelong free membership (usually €120 per year, see, including DeGiS group insurance bundle, covered by ONE Versicherung AG, in the first year after activation, cancelled automatically (usually €117).
    * ISIC card: In the first year after activation, cancelled automatically (usually €15).​​​​​​